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6 Deadly Weekend Sees Multiple Accidents in the San Francisco Area

6 Deadly Weekend Sees Multiple Accidents in the San Francisco AreaA combination of factors led to a number of fatal accidents in the San Francisco area a week before Christmas. Over the weekend, many people were injured or killed from December 17th to December 19th. Some of these crashes involved motorcycles, some involved semi-trucks, and some were caused in part by intoxicated drivers. In addition, many of these crashes were probably caused by the stressful and rushed atmosphere of the holiday season.

If you find yourself dealing with significant injuries after a holiday car crash in the San Francisco area, you should immediately get in touch with a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney. Although it might be tempting to deal with this situation after the holidays have ended, you really need to be as proactive as possible. Before you know it, years will pass, and the statute of limitations will prevent you from taking any legal action whatsoever.

Four Fatal Crashes in One Weekend

On December 19th, the California Highway Patrol announced that there had been four deadly crashes in the Bay Area over the past weekend. One individual was struck and killed when trying to cross Highway 101 in San Jose, while another pedestrian was killed by a semi-truck after allegedly “jumping into its path.”

That weekend, a multi-vehicle crash also claimed the life of one individual after five cars crashed on Highway 101 near State Route 87. Finally, the Highway Patrol released details about a fiery crash that had left several people badly burned. One was found dead in a burned car wreck, while others were hospitalized with minor injuries after a collision caused a fiery explosion on eastbound I-580.

Two Motorcyclists Die

There were also two motorcycle-related deaths in the Bay Area on Friday of that weekend. At around 10:00 AM that day, a motorcyclist died after crashing in San Francisco. When authorities found the victim, he appeared to be the only one involved in the crash. However, police are not ruling out the possibility of a hit-and-run, and they are continuing to investigate. At 6:00 PM that day, another motorcyclist lost his life in San Jose after colliding with two other vehicles on Highway 87. Police say this individual was speeding and lane-splitting at the time of the crash.

More Crashes Across California

There were many more crashes that weekend across California. Early Friday morning, a vehicle collided with the center divider on the 91 Freeway before being struck by a semi-truck. This caused the entire freeway to be shut down, and the driver of the smaller vehicle was later pronounced dead at the scene.

In Fresno, one individual was arrested for a DUI Friday afternoon after crashing with a semi-truck on Highway 41. Not only was this individual pinned underneath the semi-truck, but he also suffered serious injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital. Police later announced that after this individual recovers, he will be sent to jail for DUI charges.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

If you have lost a loved one in a recent crash, you can file a lawsuit on their behalf. This is called a “wrongful death claim.” With this type of legal action, you can recover compensation for this tragic incident. Your settlement can include compensation for loss of future wages, which is very important if you were relying on your deceased loved one to pay the bills. You can also receive compensation for any medical expenses that your loved one accumulated before their passing. Finally, your settlement can provide compensation for funeral costs.

Damages in a Typical Car Accident Injury Claim

After a typical car accident, most injured victims are faced with considerable medical bills. In addition, their injuries may prevent them from working and earning an income. This results in serious financial pressures. Fortunately, these economic losses are considered “economic damages” when you file an injury claim, and this means that you can gain compensation for these losses.

You can also gain compensation for “non-economic” losses, which are emotional or mental issues that you are dealing with as a result of your accident. Examples include pain and suffering, PTSD, anxiety, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and many others.

Get Help From an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in San Francisco

If you have been searching the San Francisco area for a competent, committed attorney with plenty of personal injury experience, get in touch with Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have helped many injured victims across the San Francisco area. We know that a car accident injury is the last thing you need during the holiday season, but this situation demands your attention right away.

The good news is that once you get in touch with an attorney, you can let them handle the heavy lifting while you focus on resting and healing. Get in touch with a qualified attorney as soon as possible, and you can strive for the settlement you need and deserve.

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