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6 dead, 7 injured in balcony collapse in Berkeley, California

Six people died and seven others were seriously injured when a fourth-floor balcony collapsed during a birthday gathering early Tuesday, June 16, 2015, in Berkeley, California. This tragic incident occurred at the Library Gardens Apartment near the UC Berkeley Campus.

Thirteen people fell from the balcony when it gave way. Four were pronounced dead at the scene, and two died at San Francisco Bay Area hospitals. Five of the deceased and several of those injured are Irish nationals. Some of the victims were Irish students on temporary work visas in the Bay Area for the summer months.

In California, when someone is injured or dies as a result of a defective or unsafe balcony a lawsuit can be brought by the victims or their families against negligent parties. With balcony, deck, stair or landing collapse cases, the responsible parties typically include building owners, architects, designers, engineers, construction companies and contractors. The investigation of this horrible accident will likely reveal what caused it to happen and what could have been done to prevent it.

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