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Are More Lawsuits Piling Up Against PG&E?

Firemen at work on fire

When major wildfires rolled through the wine country last October, things looked grim for many families living in the area. Destruction had left them homeless, and some had no financial recourse to fall back on. However, the court system has provided options for many of these families, who are now focusing lawsuits on the suspected culprit behind the fires—PG&E.

Are More Lawsuits Still Being Filed Against PG&E?

After October fires burned an estimated 245,000 acres, destroyed 8,700 structures and took the lives of 44 people, victims and authorities have begun searching for answers. Though the authorities are still potentially months away from conclusions, other investigations have placed blame at the feet of utility company PG&E. These investigators believe the company failed to maintain the areas around its electric equipment. This allowed flammable materials to build up until a spark from that equipment started a firestorm.

It’s estimated that the insurance-related costs of the 2017 fires are at least $9.4 billion, and insurance companies aren’t planning to bear the entire burden of those costs. A lawsuit has now been filed by these insurance companies on behalf of their claimants. This lawsuit names PG&E as defendant, and it is looking to hold the utility company responsible for suspected negligence.

Many of the victims of the wine country fires have taken on PG&E in the same way as these insurance companies. They have acquired legal representation to help them file claims against PG&E, and Mary Alexander & Associates is one of those law firms. Our firm has experience with dealing with the potential damages caused by PG&E, and when dealing with stakes this high, every drop of experience is vital.

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