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Beware of San Francisco fog and other weather conditions this fall

The fog in the Bay Area may be especially dangerous in autumn. Other hazardous fall weather conditions include rain, wind and frost.

The Bay Area is renowned for having some of the most beautiful and unique weather in the entire country. However, some types of weather may create driving hazards, especially when many drivers throw caution to the wind. San Francisco’s famous fog may be beautiful, but it can also be deadly on the roads. Natives of San Francisco are used to dealing with foggy conditions year-round, but autumn and winter in particular are hazardous times of the year when it comes to weather.

Adverse weather conditions are cited in almost 1,312,000 crashes across the country each year, states the United States Federal Highway Administration. Annually, more than 480,000 people are injured and 6,250 are killed in crashes related to the weather.

The most hazardous fall driving conditions

It isn’t just fog that is dangerous in fall and winter. According to Esurance, a number of factors change with the coming of colder weather that can make driving a challenge. These include rain, wind, frosty roads, sun glare in the morning and fallen leaves becoming slippery when they’re wet or muddy.

There are a number of ways drivers may reduce their chances of being in a weather-related crash this season. These include the following:

• Avoid driving too fast for weather conditions.

• Don’t drive in the fog with the brights on, which can increase glare.

• Give other vehicles plenty of room to maneuver.

• Watch out for children walking to and from school.

Also, although this might be a rare sight in the city itself, drivers should be aware that deer tend to roam more in the fall. A vehicle may encounter a deer in the roadway on any of the Bay Area’s country roads.

Van occupants killed in crash attributed to heavy fog on SR 4

A tragic accident that occurred in San Joaquin County last January highlighted the deadly dangers of thick fog. KRON 4 News reported that fog conditions had limited visibility to less than 100 feet when a van carrying six farm workers attempted to cross State Route 4 near Stockton. An oncoming truck broadsided the van, killing five of the passengers and seriously injuring the sixth. Two occupants in the truck were also hospitalized. It was unknown whether speed or careless driving were factors in this particular crash.

Taking precautions in poor weather may reduce your risk of causing a crash, but may not prevent others from driving negligently. If another driver was found to be at fault for an accident that resulted in your injuries, you may wish to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to see if you are eligible for compensation.

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