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Brain trauma and aging in California

According to a recent study, a traumatic brain injury may be responsible for premature aging and other complications in the future. As part of the study, 99 people who had suffered a brain injury were given a brain scan as little as one month after the injury and as many as 46 years after the injury. These scans were then compared to scans of those who had not suffered an injury.

In addition, researchers used a computer model to estimate a person’s brain age by looking at the amount of white and gray matter inside of a given brain. Research concluded that those who suffered from head injuries had brain structures that were similar to those in older people. Overall, those who had suffered an injury had a brain that was almost five years older than their biological age.

Researchers hope to use these models as a method of screening for head injuries in the future. They also hope to use it as a tool to screen for any possible signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia in those who are currently healthy. By catching indications of brain disease early enough, it may be possible to enroll people in medical trials to potentially stave off the disease or its symptoms for as long as possible.

A traumatic brain injury could result in pain and suffering for many months or years after the injury occurs. It could also result in secondary conditions that could erode an individual’s quality of life. Those who have been injured through no fault of their own such as in a slip-and-fall accident or after being involved in a car crash caused by the negligence of another driver may wish to consult an attorney to determine the remedies that may be available.

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