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California driver injures 2 in separate hit-and-run accidents

According to the assistant district attorney prosecuting him, a 26-year-old man hit two people, a mini-bus and a hotel in San Francisco on the night of June 8. The prosecutor detailed the events of the pedestrian accident during the man’s arraignment on June 13, and he was taken into custody that day after his bail was set at $350,000. He had been free on $115,300 bail prior to being arraigned.

The assistant district attorney said the incident began around 8:30 p.m. in San Francisco when a red Ford Mustang drove onto the sidewalk and hit the outside of the Parc 55 before rear-ending a city bus. From there, he was said to have struck a pedestrian, with enough force to send the man airborne, near Fifth and Market streets. After running a red light, the car hit another pedestrian at Market and Kearney streets according to the assistant district attorney’s account. The spree ended when the man fled the Mustang on foot near the intersection of Pine and Kearney streets. He was apprehended the next day in Hayward after police tracked him using the car’s registration and his cell phone, which was left in the car.

According to the assistant DA, both pedestrians were significantly injured by the Mustang, with the first requiring hospitalization for life-threatening injuries. The driver has been charged with eight criminal counts, including reckless driving and felony hit-and-run.

The injured pedestrians can seek damages from the driver in respective civil suits. Personal injury attorneys could help them calculate the total financial harm caused to them by the accident. The awards sought from the Mustang driver would likely account for medical bills, damaged property and income lost due from being rendered unable to work.

Source: The San Francisco Appeal, “Driver Who Allegedly Struck Pedestrians, Muni Bus, And Hotel Pleads Not Guilty, Is “extremely remorseful”“, June 13, 2014

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