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Child with cerebral palsy lives a different life than peers

Children in California with a disability like cerebral palsy can accomplish amazing feats. Their courage and determination alone is often astonishing, but the truth is that their childhood isChild with cerebral palsy lives a different life than peers different from their peers. The challenges that they often face are not easy. For instance, even holding a pencil can take years of training.

In order to hold on to a pencil, a person must train their muscles to move in the right way. This may take the average child a very short time, but for one boy with cerebral palsy, it took a lot more effort.

The child is exceptionally smart, teaching himself to read from an educational tablet as a kindergartner. But for this child, his muscles just wouldn’t work the same way. For him, it took three physical training sessions per week to help train his muscles with exercises involving grasping and releasing small objects.

His physical therapy hasn’t helped him train his finger muscles to formally type, but what most do with ten digits, he does with one. It takes him a bit longer to write his posts, but he is an avid blogger. His story gained media attention when the chief executive of Tumblr, David Karp took interest in the blog.

The boy confided in Mr. Karp, sharing a very personal story about the way in which he has been challenged. During a performance at the school, he was left behind after the rest of his peers forgot to help him off of the stage. It wasn’t his physical inability to walk off, but instead it was the humiliation he felt as he sat there alone that bothered him.

Cerebral palsy is a common consequence of negligence that occurs during labor. There are cases in which public assistance cannot cover necessary treatment. In other instances, a family may neither qualify for assistance nor have the funds to cover these vital costs for treatment and therapy. Compensation from a personal injury lawsuit after a birth injury helps parents prepare for their child’s future.

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