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Could a Stairwell Collapse Lawsuit Change California Apartment Standards?


Living in an apartment complex can come with many conveniences: a gym, a swimming pool, a dedicated parking spot. However, many people don’t realize just how much upkeep these dwellings need. If building owners slack off, the results can be deadly. This issue is at the center of a stairwell collapse lawsuit being litigated by Mary E. Alexander.

Update to the Folsom City Stairwell Collapse Lawsuit

Back in 2015, a 26-year-old graduate student from California Polytechnic State University was visiting friends at the Legends at Willowcreek Apartments. He was walking up a staircase when the steps suddenly collapsed. The young man did not survive the fall. Now, his parents are pursuing answers.

On August 25th, a Sacramento County courtroom began hearing information in connection with this incident. Folsom investigators concluded that wood decay, commonly known as dry rot, was responsible for the collapse. Alexander, acting as the family’s attorney, also pointed out that the building owners have known about this problem since 2006.

A year before the fatal stairway collapse in 2015, another stairwell in the complex collapsed due to dry rot. Yet, nothing was done to repair the problem before tragedy struck. Now, Alexander hopes this lawsuit will serve to change the way California regulates apartment complexes.

In a statement to FOX40, Alexander expressed her hope that the California Legislature will step up and improve laws regarding apartment complexes. She hopes the new regulations will require dry rot inspections every six years, and force building managers and owners to fix any problems that are discovered. Until this happens, there could be future victims of structural failures.

This update was brought to you by the premises liability attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C.—we help Bay Area families through their darkest hour.

For more on this story, check out this article from the Sacramento Bee:

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