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Could Cruise Ships Be Safer for Passengers?

Cruise ship shot at sea

Did you know that cruise lines are having a passenger safety crisis? Ships out of many ports have suffered outbreaks of illness, lost passengers, and even fatalities. Here is an update on what’s happening and some details you may need know if you are planning to take a cruise.

Safety Issues: Can Cruise Ships Be Safer?

On January 19th, a woman fell from the balcony of her cabin aboard the Carnival Elation. She fell several decks, and though the ship’s medical crew responded quickly, she did not survive her injuries. There are few details about why the woman fell. Two passengers who were in a cabin nearby described the scene to the Miami Herald, but otherwise, passengers were not allowed off the boat at Freeport while an investigation was being conducted. And this isn’t the only incident to strike Carnival in the past few days.

On the Carnival Triumph, as it travelled to Cozumel on January 21st, a 44-year-old woman fell overboard. The passenger has yet to be found, but search-and-rescue operations are underway. In October, an 8-year-old girl also fell from a railing inside the Carnival Glory. She did not survive her injuries either.

Other recent cruise line incidents include: a norovirus outbreak on a January 2nd Sea Princess Cruise ship carrying 200 people; a December Royal Caribbean cruise experienced a stomach virus outbreak among more than 300 passengers; and a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship sailing through the Bomb Cyclone. These incidents have given the entire cruise line industry a black eye, but many are left wondering what is being done to prevent future incidents.

When proper safety measures are neglected, these cruise lines may be responsible for the damages they cause to passengers. Sometimes, these companies will try to shirk those liabilities by offering victims free cruises or services, but the damages can often go well beyond such remedies. Contact an experienced cruise ship injury attorney to learn more about your rights in these situations.

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