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Daily Journal Adds Mary Alexander to Top Plaintiff Lawyers List for 2019


The Daily Journal has honored Mary Alexander by naming her one of the Top Plaintiff Lawyers of 2019. The journal has recognized and stated that Mary, as a founder of Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., “has started a movement to hold wrongdoers accountable in the courtroom.”

Over the past three decades, it has been Mary’s passion to help people. The Daily Journal cites many of Mary’s numerous campaigns to protect consumer rights and seek justice for plaintiffs in need of securing compensation for their losses. In a recent campaign, Mary convinced a jury in Contra Costa County to award the family of two brothers $21.4 million dollars for their loss. The two brothers, Gary Eaves and Randy Eaves, died after years of exposure to the cancer-causing chemical compound called benzene. The families were represented by Mary Alexander of Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. and Scott Frieling of Allen Stewart, P.C. The lawsuit filed by the surviving family of the Eaves brothers alleged the company, Union Oil, failed to to warn the Eaves brothers of the risks of exposure to benzene and “knew or should have known” benzene exposure could cause cancer.

Today, Mary is still taking tough cases and fighting for victims. Her fight goes beyond the courtroom. Mary has stated that “It’s very satisfying to help people but to also make a difference. It’s really important to obtain justice to get the compensation that people deserve because it creates change.”

At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., our San Francisco personal injury lawyers have more than a quarter of a century of experience taking cases and getting results. We are advocates and innovators, leveraging high-tech courtroom exhibits and experience to win cases — and provide closure — for the clients who count on us. Call (415) 433-4440 or contact us online.

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