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Dan Marino among those suing NFL over brain injuries

Back in November we discussed with our readers over the course of two separate posts the rising concern about brain injuries among athletes. Scientists and doctors are now starting to see a connection between multiple traumatic brain injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which is a degenerative brain condition that can be fatal.

Most people know about CTE because of the class-action lawsuit that was filed against the NFL by 15 ex-football players. The former players claim that the NFL knew about the risks associated with suffering multiple brain injuries but neglected to inform its players. They also claim that, despite knowing the dangers, the league encouraged players to continue playing and using techniques that could lead to further injury.

Among those trying to hold the NFL accountable for its negligence is former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino. Although Marino does not appear to have been diagnosed with CTE, he claims that repeated hits to the head have caused him to suffer long-term effects he feels could have been mitigated if the league had taken better action during his 17-year career.

If the courts rule against the NFL, players included in the lawsuit could receive compensation for their injuries. As with any settlement awarded to a victim, these funds could be used to help cover any past medical expenses associated with treating these brain injuries. It may also be enough to cover continued medical monitoring of their conditions. The hope though is that a resolution is met soon and that the players involved in the lawsuit do not have to undergo lengthy litigation before seeing that justice is served.

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