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Driver in zombie parade incident pleads not guilty

California residents may be interested to learn that a driver who was responsible for driving through a crowd of pedestrians during San Francisco’s Comic-Con pleaded not guilty to charges on May 3. The incident occurred at a zombie parade near 2nd and Island avenues in July 2014.

During the preliminary hearing, more than a dozen individuals who witnessed the incident stated that the driver appeared angry as he attempted to nudge his way through the crowd while the crowd tried to get him to stop. The driver then suddenly accelerated. One of the witnesses stated that she heard someone screaming. A second witness, an off-duty deputy, stated that he actually knocked on the driver’s side window, but the driver refused to make eye contact. He stated, however, that the driver did not appear angry. Additional witnesses stated that multiple individuals tried to get the driver to stop.

The accused driver, who is reportedly deaf, stated that he was confused by the crowd and did not know why people were banging on his windows. He stated that he was nervous and tried to go very slowly. He was charged with reckless driving and could face up to three years if he is convicted.

A auto-pedestrian accident can leave the victim with serious injuries that could be life-altering. If the driver of the vehicle was distracted, failed to yield to a pedestrian’s right of way or was otherwise negligent, the injured person may wish to consult with an attorney to discuss the filing of a personal injury lawsuit that would seek damages from the responsible party.

Source: NBC San Diego, “Zombie Walk Crash Witness: Driver Was “Super Angry”“, R. Stickney, June 3, 2015

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