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E-cigarette explodes, burns man’s face

According to reports, a California man suffered burns to his face when an e-cigarette at his place of employment exploded, causing him injury. The accident reportedly occurred on Feb. 8 at the Stage Stop Liquor Store in Ramona where the man worked.

Reportedly, the cigarette exploded, cutting the man’s face and breaking a glass display at the store. The man required hospitalization for treatment of his burns and cuts. He was listed in critical condition following the incident. Investigators are trying to determine what caused the e-cigarette to explode. The man was receiving treatment at the UC San Diego Medical Center’s burn unit.

According to a representative from the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, there have been at least 12 such explosions involving electronic cigarettes since 2007. According to the representative, however, none have caused such catastrophic injury and damage. Two incidents aboard aircraft have led to the Federal Aviation Administration’s issuance of a warning regarding e-cigarettes in luggage. In both incidents, one in Boston and one in Los Angeles, exploding e-cigarettes in luggage caused fires. In the Boston incident, the fire occurred in the cargo hold of the aircraft, prompting evacuation of a plane. In the Los Angeles case, an e-cigarette caused a fire in the baggage claim area at Los Angeles International Airport.

People who are severely burned in an accident may be able to recover damages to compensate them for their losses and the pain they have suffered by filing civil lawsuits. In this man’s case, in the event the e-cigarette that exploded is determined to be defective, he may want to file a personal injury lawsuit based on a products liability theory against the manufacturer of the e-cigarette. Because he was at work, he may also be able to file for benefits through his employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Source: FOX 5, “E-cigarette explodes in man’s face”, Feb. 9, 2015

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