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Failure to yield to pedestrians leaves boy and babysitter injured

A serious pedestrian accident here in San Francisco this month is once again highlighting the many dangers in our city, even in crosswalk areas. Some of our readers may have already heard about the crash that left a 5-year-old boy with a head injury and injured the leg of his babysitter. Officers with the San Francisco Police Department say that the pedestrian accident was a direct result of a driver failing to yield to the two Californians when they entered the crosswalk. Police have cited the driver for this infraction.

Although the victims were taken to the hospital for non life-threatening injuries, it’s entirely possible that the outcome could have been very different. If we take a look back at past pedestrian accidents, we see that this collision could have resulted in fatal injuries. It’s also possible, depending on the extent of the current victims’ injuries, that they could experience temporary or even permanent disability as a result of their injuries.

It’s because of these facts that might lead the babysitter and the parent’s of the 5-year-old boy to file personal injury claims against the negligent driver. Though reports do not indicate if this is the plan at this time, it’s still worth noting that this is an option they may consider. Looking at past cases, they may see that compensation received in a settlement can help pay for expensive medical bills and other treatments down the road. And, in the case of the babysitter, it can even help with lost wages as well.

In the end the hope is that both victims recover from their injuries and receive the compensation they deserve.

Source: The San Francisco Chronicle, “Babysitter, boy hit by car crossing S.F. street,” Kale Williams, Mar. 11, 2014

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