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Fatal crash in San Marcos raises concerns about bicyclist safety

When a 22-year-old California bicyclist entered the intersection at the corner of Grand Avenue and Las Posas Road in San Marcos, he may have thought that he had the right-of-way. After all, the traffic near him had a red light; there was little reason to suspect that an accident was literally just around the corner.

But at the same time the bicyclist entered the intersection so too did a 47-year-old cement truck driver. Although he is said to have briefly stopped at the red light before making a right turn, he may not have seen the 22-year-old until his truck collided with the bicyclist. This fatal bicycle accident is likely one of many that our readers will hear about before the spring and summer are through.

With more and more people choosing to bike instead of drive, the risk of collision rises as well. And in cities where traffic is particularly heavy, such as here in San Francisco County, that risk is even higher. Because of the nature of a bike rider, the injuries they suffer are often more catastrophic than those suffered by accident victims in vehicles. As this case shows, sometimes these injuries can even be fatal, leaving the victim’s family to wonder if there is a legal option that will give them some sense of closure.

As many of our frequent readers know, a wrongful death lawsuit could be filed in a case like this. Though it’s unknown if the victim’s family will take legal action, they may choose to if police find out that the cement truck driver was at fault in the crash. In the meantime, our readers will have to wait for police to wrap up the investigation that will hopefully provide those involved with some answers.

Source: CBS 8 News, “Bicyclist fatally struck by cement truck,” Richard Allyn, April 11, 2014

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