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Help Put An End To Distracted Driving

Last month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it was teaming up with law enforcement and other agencies to combat distracted driving. It was reported that 3,179 individuals were killed in 2014 due to distracted driving in the US. An additional 431,000 people sustained injuries in the same year as a direct result of distracted driving.

In California, there were 104 fatalities and another 11,346 people suffered injury caused “inattention” crashes in 2014. There was a rise in the total number of people injured from 2013 to 2014. It is believed that distracted driving is more problematic than the data shows as it is difficult for law enforcement to prove that an accident involved distracted driving.

Smartphones have become a problem for many drivers. With everything available right in front of you no matter where you are, it is a temptation to check a text or social media while behind the wheel. Next time you are out and about take a look around and you will see using their mobile device while driving. You may even see pedestrians crossing the street while surfing the internet or checking social media. This is a recipe for disaster. If you injure another person in a distracted driving accident, you could be held civilly liable.

If you are injured by a distracted driver, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your options for recovering compensation from the responsible party. When you need to talk to an experienced Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco personal injury lawyer, please contact Mary Alexander and Associates in San Francisco at (415) 433-4440 to learn more about our services.


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