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What Kind of Damage Did the Wine Country Fires Leave Behind?

Refinery Explosion

California wildfire season has been especially nightmarish this year. In Wine Country, fires destroyed over 5,000 homes and killed 44 people. Usually by this time of the year, the season would be ramping down as fall showers move in, but this year has been different. Just a few weeks ago, more fires popped up in Southern California. What’s going on? Why are fires still terrorizing the countryside?

Will Northern California Recover from the Wine Country Fires?

Public officials are asking residents in our communities to do their part to prevent wildfires. This includes clearing fire breaks, and making better emergency plans. Officials are even urging residents to connect with community members who may be disabled or otherwise unable to evacuate as easily as others. Including those neighbors in your plans to evacuate could save lives. And with signs that fire season could get longer and more severe in years to come, such plans may become essential.

Experts believe that this wave of fires may be caused by global warning, which is keeping seasonal rains away, extending California’s dry season. This is causing more agencies to ramp up for the potential threat of fire to thousands of homes, but natural causes aren’t the only danger these agencies are worried about.

Many fires in our areas are caused by humans. The Wine Country fires that struck so close to home are suspected to have been caused by the negligence of PG&E, and other man-made sparks could be responsible for the fires terrorizing Los Angeles and San Diego right now. So far, lawsuits have been started to ensure that the responsible parties pay for their part in this tragedy, but even now, residents are having a hard time returning home. For many, the damage is too great, and they can no longer afford to live in their neighborhood.

This means contacting an attorney has become one of the best solution for the many who lost their homes to the rising fire dangers of California. Keep following the attorneys at Mary Alexander and Associates to learn more about other solutions wildfire victims can pursue.

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