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Mary Alexander Investigates Ghost Ship Fire Scene

Ghost Ship Fire Scene

Mary Alexander, a San Francisco based personal injury attorney, is investigating the Ghost Ship fire scene where the lives of 36 people were claimed in a blaze early last month. As you can tell by the picture, there is not much left of the warehouse where numerous people lived and frequent dance parties were held.

The parents of two individuals, Griffin Madden and Michela Gregory who died in the fire, have filed a lawsuit against the owner and occupier of the warehouse and joined numerous other parties including the promoter, performer, and others that may have been involved in the circumstances that led to the tragic fire. Claims have also been filed with the City of Oakland and County of Alameda. Mary Alexander is representing the parents of Griffin Madden and Michela Gregory.

In wrongful death cases, it is important that the victim’s survivors act quickly in their response to the death of their loved one. Consulting with a personal injury attorney that is experienced in wrongful death causes of action should be done as soon as possible. A skilled attorney will complete an independent investigation into the facts and circumstances. Certain elements must be proven in order to prevail in a lawsuit and the attorney’s independent investigation often leads to the discovery of evidence that others may have overlooked.

If you lost a loved one in the Ghost Ship fire or any other fire that you believe was the result of another party’s negligence, call Mary Alexander & Associates at 415-433-4440 or contact us online to schedule a no cost consultation.

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