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Moving around appears to be beneficial to TBI sufferers

Recent research has produced important findings for California residents who have suffered an injury to the brain. The prevailing medical wisdom has been that the increased blood flow associated with exercise could be harmful to those who have suffered brain trauma, and those who have come from surgery were strongly encouraged to lie still and rest as they recuperate. However, a recently-published study of over 600 patients showed unmistakable benefits from early mobility. The patients studied were persuaded to get up and move around to the limits of their ability as soon as possible, often on their very first day in the intensive care unit. They showed marked improvements over patients who remained bedridden.

A traumatic brain injury can be devastating to the victim. Authorities on the subject acknowledge that getting people with TBIs up and moving can be an excruciating challenge. A case was cited of one patient who required the assistance of multiple people for nearly an hour just to move from a bed to a chair. However, the benefits are unmistakable.

TBI patients who get up and move around show a host of positive effects. Although the healing of the brain is notoriously difficult to measure, it is undeniable that secondary issues such as pressure sores and time on a ventilator are ameliorated. More research is necessary to gauge exactly how helpful mobility is and whether it is equally helpful for all cases.

Individuals who have suffered a TBI because of the negligent action of another may want to consult with legal counsel to determine whether any methods of obtaining compensation exists. Based on the circumstances of the injury, an attorney may find it advisable to seek damages from the responsible party through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the victim.

Source: NPR, “People With Brain Injuries Heal Faster If They Get Up And Get Moving”, Gretchen Cuda Kroen, July 6, 2015

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