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New initiative focuses on pregnancy-related deaths

California residents might be interested in a recent analysis regarding mother mortality rates jointly promulgated by the World Health Organization and the United Nations. According to the report, two to three women living in the United States die from gestational complications daily. With regard to maternal mortality rates, the report ranks the United States in the latter third of 180 countries and last among developed countries.

Within this context, the pharmaceutical company Merck has reportedly started a $500 million initiative to help abate the issue of pregnancy-related deaths in America. According to a representative for the program, many of these fatal cases occur in low-income communities; for, there appears to be a correlation between gestational complications and limited prenatal care. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the poorest city in the United States is Camden, New Jersey. Reportedly, half of the pregnant women in that city do not receive medical care during their first trimester. Moreover, statistics indicate that 30 pregnant women die in Camden for every 100,000 babies born there.

In reality, women in America are sometimes injured during labor. While this may be due to a lack of resources in some cases, medical negligence is to blame in other cases. When a preponderance of evidence indicates that a pregnant woman suffered injuries due to another party’s negligence, the injured victim may pursue civil action against the negligent party.

To be more specific, the injured woman may retain a personal injury lawyer and file suit, seeking financial compensation for damages related to her injuries. In the event that a pregnant women dies on account of another party’s negligence, certain family members of the deceased victim may file a wrongful death claim, seeking restitution for the losses they suffered in connection with the fatal incident.


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