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Our Wild Fire Attorneys Have Taken on a New Case!

Firemen at work on fire

The wildfires that devastated our state last year are continuing to leave a mark on the people of California. These fires destroyed over 8,700 structures, burned some 281,893 acres in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, and caused an estimated $297 million worth of damage. However, the lives lost during these fires have left the biggest mark on those who survived. Now the wildfire attorneys here at Mary Alexander & Associates have taken on another case to help those who were left behind.

Wildfire Attorneys Fighting for Another Bay Area Family

When fires rolled through the North Bay Area, not every resident managed to escape. Edward Stone and his partner George Chaney were among those who lost their lives during the firestorm that ravaged our community. Now, Edward’s family has joined forces with Mary Alexander & Associates to make sure those responsible are held accountable.

Together, Stone’s family and our law firm have filed a complaint against PG&E—the utility company suspected of sparking the blaze. To learn more about this case and it’s implications, keep following our blog and watch out for our story on NBC Bay Area. Jodi Hernandez recently interviewed us about this filing and the fires that continue to devastate families all over our state.

Mary Alexander & Associates is a Bay Area personal injury law firm with a proven record of success. For future updates on our case against PG&E, continue following our blog. You can also like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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