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Some crosswalks may get new hybrid system

California pedestrians might see a new type of crosswalk coming to their roads known as the pedestrian hybrid crosswalk. Because 70 percent of accidents that kill pedestrians occur at midblock crossings, these may significantly reduce fatal accidents.

The mechanism is pedestrian-activated, and it begins by briefly flashing a yellow indicator that then becomes steady. Next, it shows a walk indication to the pedestrian and a steady red light to drivers. A flashing orange hand warns pedestrians that their indicator is about to be turned off, and motorists get a flashing red light before the system goes dark again.

Several factors make the pedestrian hybrid crosswalk both necessary and successful. They should only be used where there is a marked crosswalk and a high volume of traffic. Since most pedestrian fatalities occur when cars are going more than 40 miles per hour, they also contribute to safer roads where speeds are high. They have also been shown to potentially reduce traffic accidents by almost 30 percent and pedestrian accidents by almost 70 percent. Pedestrian hybrid crosswalks are useful near school and transit locations, and drivers and pedestrians may need to be educated on their use.

A pedestrian may be badly injured in an accident with a motor vehicle. If the accident occurs in a crosswalk or this type of hybrid crosswalk, the pedestrian may not be at fault. While the responsible driver’s insurance company may sometimes cover the pedestrian’s expenses, in some cases, the driver is uninsured or underinsured. In other cases, insurance offers insufficient coverage. In these circumstances, the injured pedestrian may wish to consult an attorney to seek further legal advice. An attorney may be helpful in negotiations with insurance companies. The pedestrian might also choose to file a lawsuit against the responsible party or parties.

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