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Teens’ consumption of energy drinks linked to brain injuries

California teenagers who love energy drinks should be aware that they may be more likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury. One study found that teens who suffered a brain injury were seven times more likely to have consumed five or more energy drinks within one week of suffering the serious injury.

Energy drinks are popular among many student athletes as they can give them a boost of energy. Additionally, energy drinks are often sponsored by popular athletes. Other students may also drink the energy drinks to improve their mood and increase alertness. In addition to being associated with traumatic brain injuries, the energy drinks were also linked to a change in teenagers’ behaviors.

A neurosurgeon who worksat St. Michael’s Hospital stated that brain injuries that occur in adolescents can be particularly damaging because their brains are still growing. The energy drinks, which are full of caffeine, can make recovery slower. However, the report did not indicate if the energy drinks were thought to be associated with the cause of the injuries or just the delay in recovering from the injuries.

Brain injuries can be caused by sudden impacts that may occur through falls or motor vehicle accidents. They can also be the result of a surgical error. While some brain injuries are temporary, others could cause permanent physical damages that may include cognition difficulties and loss of mobility. They can also cause mental changes, such as anxiety and depression. If the brain injury was caused by the negligent act of another person, the victim may want to meet with an attorney to determine whether there is any recourse for seeking compensation for the injuries that have been sustained.

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