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The different types of burn injuries

As many California residents know, burns can be the result of accidents that occur in the home, in the workplace or in commercial environments such as a restaurant. In many cases, they are treatable with ice and by keeping the area clean in order to prevent infection. However, some burns can cause significant harm and may be life-threatening.

Burns can result when a person comes in contact with hot substances or surfaces, is in an extremely cold environment or receives excessive exposure to the sun. Injuries that are incurred when an individual comes in contact with hot liquids, hot surfaces, steam or fire are referred to as thermal burns. Inhalation burns may occur when hot gases are inhaled. Electrical burns are often incurred when a person touches an exposed wire or is struck by lightning, and they may cause serious injury or death.

Cold temperature exposure may result in a decreased blood flow and concomitant frostbite. When this happens, the affected area may be said to have experienced a cold burn, one that must be treated in order to prevent additional injury to the skin. Windy and wet conditions augment cold burns. Chemicals are also able to cause burn injuries. These result mainly from contact with the skin or eyes and can happen in the home or in a workplace setting. Radiation burns can result from exposure to ultraviolet light or radiation therapy. Scraping one’s skin on a rough or hard surface is referred to as a friction burn.

Burn injuries may require extensive and costly treatment and may result in burn scars. If the injury is due to the negligence of another individual, consulting with an attorney may be beneficial. It may be advisable in some instances to pursue a personal injury lawsuit seeking the recovery of damages from the responsible party.

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