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These Are the Three Most Dangerous Intersections in San Francisco

Male Cyclist With Neck Pain Lying On Street After Road Accident

For many years now, San Francisco has sought to be both a walk-friendly and bike-friendly community. Across the city, new bike lanes and crosswalks have been popping up all over the city, but there are still some areas you need to be careful of if you are walking or riding a bicycle.

What Are the Three Most Dangerous Intersections for San Franciscans?

Pedestrian fatalities in California dropped by 11 percent in 2016, however, our state still led the nation in pedestrian deaths. When it comes to bicycle deaths, we rank around 6th per capita, yet still our state averages more bicycle fatalities than any other state. This means we’ve still got a long way to go in order to take a bite out of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Here are three spots where such efforts could do the most good:

  • Octavia Blvd/Market Street– This intersection is known more for bicycle accidents than pedestrian accidents, but a significant number of pedestrian accidents still happen here. Be on your guard if you are cycling near these streets.
  • Potrero Ave/16th Street– This area is rather prone to pedestrian accidents, but is not the most dangerous location for bike collisions. You should be especially careful if you need to cross this intersection on foot. Take extra precautions like observing far off traffic before approaching the curb.
  • 5th Street/Market Street– This is the most dangerous intersection you can approach in the city. It holds the top spot for vehicle collisions, pedestrian collisions and it holds the number two spot for bicycle involved crashes. If you are near Market and 5th, be sure to put your phone away and pay close attention to your surroundings.

Want to learn more about the areas of San Francisco where collisions most often happen? Check out this report from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. You can also keep checking in with our Bay Area personal injury attorneys for more ways to make our community safer.

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