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Tragic Oakland Fire Kills Dozens

Ruins of an old building

As of early Monday, December 5, firefighters had recovered the remains of 36 individuals lost in what is described as one of California’s worst building fires in modern history. Most victims of the Oakland fire were reportedly in their teens, twenties, and thirties. A spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department said that one of the victims was the son of a deputy.

Dozens Attending Dance Party

The horrific Oakland fire happened at a warehouse dubbed the “Ghost Ship” in the past. It hosted artist studios and an underground nightclub. Approximately 100 partygoers were in attendance when the early weekend fire erupted right around midnight, according to Fox News.

No Sprinkler System

The potential for a fire in the building may have been higher for a number of reasons. The older structure lacked fire sprinklers. Locals told reporters of the cluttered interior and how the warehouse lacked sufficient exits.

Owner’s Facebook Post Criticized

In the aftermath of the disaster, a Facebook post by the owner of the warehouse drew criticism. According to KTVU News, the post aroused the ire of those who resented its focus on the owner’s family, who survived, and the man’s property lost in the blaze. According to the Fox News report, they reportedly moved to the Oakland area from LA in 2006. He and his wife rented out certain spots within the warehouse as living spaces. They also rented out five RVs parked outside.

Sports Teams Making Contributions

A number of Oakland sports teams, including the Oakland Raiders, Oakland A’s and the Golden State Warriors, quickly announced plans to donate to the victims’ families and organizations that could help them.

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