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Traumatic brain injuries lead to frequent hospitalization

California residents involved in car accidents and medical malpractice cases run the risk of suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Also known as TBI, such an injury is a type of medical condition that causes swelling of the tissues in and around the brain. Changes in behavior, depressive thoughts and confusion are a few of the symptoms of this condition.

According to some recent information, those suffering from this type of injury have a greater risk of spending more time in the hospital and going back to the hospital. Approximately 20 percent of all TBI patients will require some additional form of hospitalization in the future.

These injuries to the brain often occur when an individual strikes his or her head against the car during an accident or from the impact of the head against the airbag. Some patients also develop TBI after spending too much time under anesthesia or because of other problems that occur during a routine operation. Those diagnosed with TBI have a greater risk of requiring additional hospitalization within the first few years after the injury.

Traumatic brain injuries may be the fault of a doctor overseeing a patient in a hospital or a surgeon performing an operation on a patient. In these cases, the burden often falls on the lawyer representing the patient to explain what happened to the patient and how that injury affects his or her life. This often requires that an expert testify as to the injury and the patient’s prognosis.

In the case of a car accident that causes a brain injury, the lawyer may need to show evidence that determines who was at fault for the accident. Police officers and paramedics who were at the scene may testify for the plaintiff in court.

Source: Brain Injury Association of America, “Rehospitalization Rates: 20% for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injuries”, December 30, 2014

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