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Two Members Of R&B Band, Tower of Power, Hit By An Amtrak Train In Oakland

Two members of the R&B band, Tower of Power, are in critical condition after they were hit by an Amtrak train on Thursday night near Jack London Square in Oakland, California.

Tower of Power, Drummer Dave Garibaldi, sustained facial and head injuries. It has been reported that a complete recovery is expected. The band’s back-up Bassist Marc Van Wageningen, suffered internal injuries including broken ribs and a concussion. He underwent surgery on Thursday night at Highland Hospital, as reported by the band’s publicist. More tests will be conducted after his condition stabilizes.

Both men had just left a nearby hotel and were due to take the stage at 8 p.m for a local concert. Media sources report the two band members waited for a Union Pacific freight train to pass through the crossing. Witnesses reported that the two men started to cross while the warning lights and gates were still active. Just as they crossed, an Amtrak train was coming in the opposite direction and they were hit by it.

A spokesperson for Amtrak stated that the maximum speed for a train traveling in that particular area is 25 mph. It is unknown at this time how fast the Amtrak train was going when the band members were struck. Union Pacific police are heading the investigation of the incident.

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