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Will iPhone Slowdowns Cost Apple in Court?

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Are you a fan of Apple’s iPhone? If you are, and you happen to have an older model, then you may have noticed the device slowing down after a new phone is released. Previously, some claimed these iPhone slowdowns were a figment of people’s imaginations, but a group of Reddit users weren’t convinced. They tested their iPhones and made an unbelievable discovery!

Are iPhone Slowdowns Real?

After noticing slowdowns in their iPhones, a group of Reddit users used a tool to benchmark the performance of their Apple smartphones. What they discovered was a slowdown that occurred after certain updates from Apple were installed on their phones. This discovery would be further tested by technology magazines Ars Technica and TechCrunch before Apple released a statement.

The Silicon Valley giant announced that it had slowed the performance of previous iPhone models through software updates. The company claims this reduces the strain placed on older lithium ion batteries, but some just aren’t buying that. Critics believe that Apple was throttling older iPhones to convince users that they needed an upgrade. Now, those concerns could be taken to court.

How Could iPhone Slowdowns Hurt Consumers?

Only days after the slowdown was exposed, lawsuits were filed in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina and California. Some are claiming they would have bought new batteries (the rumored remedy for the slowdown) instead of a new phone, had the option been given. These consumers claim they were instead tricked into buying phones they didn’t want or need, and that’s a problem.

Is this a case of consumer fraud, or did Apple act in good faith? If a court doesn’t think the company operated with the public’s interests in mind, then it could be responsible for the financial costs of many unneeded upgrades. Do you think Apple was trying to drum up sales for new phones, or is this all just a big misunderstanding? The product liability attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. will continue to monitor this story. And if you feel you may have fallen victim to Apple’s shenanigans, you should contact an attorney to see what your legal options are.

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