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Wrongful Death – Understanding The Facts

The unthinkable has happened. Your loved one has died. Out of nowhere, just going along their normal routine, an accident or negligent action took them away from you forever. There are so many details that require your immediate attention, but your grief is overwhelming. The last thing on your mind is the responsible party. But that is exactly what is on our mind and it is our goal to bring that responsible party to justice.

You might wonder what exactly is ‘wrongful death’. Wrongful Death is a death caused by the negligence or abuse of another person. This includes automobile accidents, work related or industrial accidents and medical malpractice.

Did you know that based on a recent study, San Francisco has the worse drivers in the state of California? There were 29 traffic fatalities in the area in 2016. The cause for many of those fatal accidents included distracted driving, drunk driving and even road rage. The drivers of those vehicles need to be held accountable for the devastation they have caused.

Work related accidents are not as common. Most companies have safeguards in place to protect their workers. But that isn’t always enough. Just last November, while in town for a show, an employee with Cirque de Soleil died during set up in what was called an industrial accident. Companies need to pay when they do not ensure safe working conditions.

Even a simple trip to the doctor or hospital can result in an untimely death. A misdiagnosis can have a devastating outcome. Improper medication or anesthesia at the hands of a careless doctor or nurse can kill.

Most people are not equipped to handle such terrible circumstances. They do not know where to turn or what to do. They do not understand the laws in place to help them. But we do. Contact us and allow Mary Alexander & Associates to get you the money and peace of mind you deserve.

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