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California Hit By Slew of Dangerous Trucking Accidents

California has seen a number of serious, shocking trucking accidents within the past few days. These accidents involve intoxicated drivers, unexplained trucking errors, and even wayward fire trucks. Due to the nature of a typical San Francisco trucking accident, it should come as no surprise that some of these accidents have caused serious injuries or fatalities. Those who have lost family members in trucking accidents may now be wondering how to cover unpaid medical expenses, funeral costs, and a lifetime of missed wages. 

Serious Concerns After Driver Killed by Loose Truck Tire

California Hit By Slew of Dangerous Trucking Accidents

When a truck’s tires start falling off halfway down a highway, serious questions must be asked about why this vehicle was even allowed on the road. On December 14, 2023, CBS News reported that a trailer tire became detached from a concrete pumping trailer, flying across a highway in Stockton and ultimately claiming the life of an innocent motorist. This victim just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It seems as though the tire impacted the vehicle at high speed, going through the windshield and causing fatal injuries to the victim. Details surrounding the incident are still emerging. 

Some people are content to call this a “freak accident,” but others are not so sure. It goes without saying that a responsible driver is expected to make sure that their wheels are correctly attached to their vehicle. Failure to do this represents a gross breach of duty – especially among those claiming to be professional drivers. The trailer that lost the tire belonged to a concrete truck, which was, in turn, being towed by a pickup truck. Several eyewitnesses suggest that the trailer was far too large and unwieldy to be towed by a smaller pickup truck. 

Some say that the fault lies with the tire manufacturer and that the tire was not supposed to come loose with such ease. Others say that the companies involved with the towing operation were negligent, as they were using a pickup truck for a job that was well beyond its capacity. The Highway Patrol described the flying tire as an “airborne missile,” pointing out that the driver was powerless to dodge the impact – especially because he was responsibly wearing his seatbelt. 

Mayhem in Modesto as “Dozens” of Vehicles Involved in Semi-Truck Crash

On December 13, a bridge in Modesto filled with gnarled wreckage and scrap metal, with dozens of vehicles smashing together due to a semi-truck accident. In total, 15 passenger vehicles were sandwiched between three semi-trucks, and all were stuck within the narrow confines of the Mitchell Road Bridge. When first responders arrived, it was difficult to make out individual vehicles amidst the mass of scrap metal. Smaller passenger vehicles were wedged underneath trailers, while semi-trucks had jackknifed across both lanes of the bridge. 

CBS News reported that a Multiple Casualty Incident was announced moments after first responders arrived. Miraculously, first responders later discovered that only minor injuries had occurred – and they subsequently reversed the initial announcement of casualties. The crash remains under investigation, and it is not yet clear what caused the pileup. However, additional hazards resulted from the pileup, since hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel spilled during the wreck. If that fuel had ignited due to a single engine spark, all of the vehicles and their occupants would have been bathed in a firestorm. 

Family Seeking Answers After Losing Beloved College Student in Fire Truck Accident

On December 17, NBC News reported that the family of a young college student was still searching for answers after a questionable fire truck accident in Napa. Back in the summer of 2023, the 22-year-old woman had the right of way and a green arrow when she attempted a left-hand turn at an intersection. Out of nowhere, a fire truck approached and struck her vehicle – causing fatal injuries. Although she was rushed to the nearest hospital, she never regained consciousness and died from catastrophic head injuries. 

Sensing that something did not quite add up, her family decided to examine the circumstances of the crash in greater detail. They eventually discovered that the fire department violated its own policies, traveling faster than the allowed speed and crossing a red light. Napa County Prosecutors then got involved and decided to pursue criminal charges. 

At one point the fire truck driver faced felony manslaughter charges in connection to the incident. However, a second judge re-examined the case and decided to dismiss the charges. The victim’s family sought clarification on the charges, and learned that  the prosecutor’s office missed a crucial appeal deadline. Due to this mistake, the family is now unables to pursue criminal action against the truck driver. 

However, the family still has the option to sue Cal Fire for wrongful death – and this is something that they are currently pursuing. Investigators came to a number of worrying conclusions when examining this incident, finding that the fire truck had no real reason to speed toward the intersection when they were responding to a wildfire that was a 40-minute drive away. While this wildfire didn’t seem to be endangering human life, the driver of the fire truck certainly seems to have endangered other motorists in a bizarre attempt to reach the distant blaze as quickly as possible. The driver of the fire truck was never disciplined for the crash, and he retains the rank of Captain. 

Find a Qualified Truck Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

If you have been searching for a truck accident in San Francisco, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. We know that these trucking accidents are becoming far too common in California, and too many families are struggling with their fatal consequences. With our assistance, you can play a role in making California roads safer by taking legal action. Trucking companies and other negligent parties must be held accountable for contributing to these crashes, and a truck accident lawsuit can lead to compensation for victims. To determine the most appropriate course of action, be sure to book your consultation today.

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