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Common Causes for Head-On Collisions in San Francisco

Common Causes for Head-On Collisions in San FranciscoHead-on collisions cause some of the most serious auto injuries in San Francisco. When you consider the physics of these collisions, their potential for catastrophic injuries should not come as a major surprise. Newton’s Third Law of Physics states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When two vehicles smash into each other, those reactions can wreak havoc on the average human body. Many of these accidents prove fatal, leaving families with grief, unpaid medical bills, and lifetimes of lost wages. Survivors often struggle with permanent disabilities, psychological trauma, and a range of other damages. In order to pursue compensation for these head-on collisions, it may be necessary to determine the root cause – and an experienced accident attorney in San Francisco can help with this investigative process. 

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a common cause of head-on collisions. When a driver begins to doze off behind the wheel, they may easily veer into oncoming traffic. Even a slight spell of fatigue can cause a driver to momentarily move across the center line. The potential consequences of this loss of control are obvious. 

Driver fatigue can be considered a form of negligence, and the Sleep Foundation states that lack of sleep can cause impairment equivalent to alcohol consumption. Your lawyer can prove that the driver dozed off behind the wheel as you seek to hold them accountable. For example, an Uber driver might have been driving for over 24 hours without rest before crashing. Your lawyer can point to Uber data to establish that the driver was clearly sleep-deprived prior to the crash. 


Distraction is another common cause of head-on collisions. The obvious culprit is the ubiquitous smartphone, which somehow finds its way into the hands of countless drivers today. Even glancing down at a phone for a second can cause a driver to veer into oncoming traffic. Resulting head-on collisions are quite common. 

Your lawyer can help you prove that the crash was caused by distraction. Cell phone data may prove crucial, and your lawyer can demand access to this data during the discovery phase. For example, this evidence could show that the driver had sent text messages seconds before the crash. 


Intoxicated individuals struggle with coordination, reaction times, and judgment – all factors that can increase the chances of head-on collisions. A heavily intoxicated individual may not even see the lines painted on a road. They might also see double, making it almost impossible for them to stay within their lanes. Controlled substances and prescription drugs may also cause serious levels of impairment. 

Impaired drivers may be subjected to various chemical tests at the crash scene. This can create the evidence you need to establish negligence and hold them accountable for their recklessness. 

Confusing Signage

Sometimes, confusing signage puts two vehicles on a direct collision course. Drivers may struggle to navigate complex construction zones, and this may cause them to enter highway ramps in the wrong direction. Bay Area traffic authorities and government municipalities may be completely responsible for these crashes, and they should be held accountable for causing needless head-on collisions. 

Street Racing

Street racers commonly veer in and out of lanes, and they may move into oncoming traffic in order to pass their rivals. This is dangerous and illegal, and innocent people often pay the price. If you believe that your crash was caused by negligent street racers, your lawyer can gather the evidence you need to prove it. The street racers may have posted about their illegal competitions or meetups online, and you could use this to establish that the race was planned ahead of time. 

Illegal Passing

Illegal passing is a traffic violation, and it can easily cause fatal crashes. Generally speaking, a solid yellow line indicates that drivers may not pass. However, many motorists ignore this rule and pass anyway. This inevitably brings them onto a collision course with oncoming traffic. 

Illegal passing can be especially dangerous in certain situations. For example, passing at the crest of a hill leaves a driver totally blind to oncoming traffic. The same basic logic applies to blind corners. It is also illegal to pass a stopped school bus. Not only does this endanger children, but the school bus also occludes oncoming traffic. 

Find a Qualified Accident Attorney in San Francisco

If you have been searching for an experienced accident attorney in San Francisco, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have assisted numerous injured plaintiffs in their families – and we know how life-altering head-on collisions can be. While determining the root cause of the accident is important, there are many other legal steps to discuss. Book your consultation today to pursue compensation. 

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