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Cyclists Hold “Ride of Silence” for Bike Accident Victims in San Francisco

The cycling community is extremely vibrant and well-organized in San Francisco. Unfortunately, even the most committed activists can do very little in the face of widespread deaths and bicycle injuries in the Bay Area. Words often fail to express just how traumatic and life-altering these bike accidents can be in California. In May of 2024, cyclists across San Francisco did not even try to put their feelings into words. Instead, they embarked on a “ride of silence.” While few words were exchanged, the message was loud and clear: The number of deaths and serious injuries caused by cycling accidents is unacceptable in San Francisco. Many victims and their family members have no idea how to move forward after these accidents. 

Dozens of Cyclists Commemorate Fallen Victims

Cyclists Hold “Ride of Silence” for Bike Accident Victims in San FranciscoIn May of 2024, CBS News reported that approximately 50 cyclists had taken to the streets in silence, riding without exchanging words while drawing attention to those killed or injured. One of the riders had very narrowly survived being rear-ended in 2022, suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and total memory loss. She was stopped at a red light, doing her best to follow traffic laws. The driver that struck her was not so responsible. Dozens of other people participating in the ride of silence had similar stories, and these stories have unfortunately become all too familiar. 

This isn’t the first “ride of silence” in San Francisco. The ceremony now follows a set route, stopping at seven locations where some of the most notable bike fatalities have occurred across the city. The purpose of the ride is to remember every single bicycle accident victim since 1997 – of which there are thousands. A secondary goal is to raise awareness for bike safety. 

Cyclists Face the Same Threats Today – Plus New Hazards

Cyclists in the Bay Area face new hazards due to evolving technology. In Marin County, high school districts are considering whether to ban e-bikes from campuses due to a never-ending stream of collisions and accidents. The new restriction would ban anyone under the age of 16 from owning one of these e-bikes or e-scooters. 

The rise of e-bikes has led to widespread harm and destruction throughout the Bay Area. These e-bikes are simply too fast for their own good, and pedestrians often pay the price. Sometimes, e-bikes crash into traditional bicycles, with tragic consequences. 

Even the most responsible e-bike riders face serious hazards from these fast-moving vehicles. Some e-bikes are shoddily constructed, with manufacturers rushing to meet rising demands. Teens, seniors, and other vulnerable people may attempt to engage the brakes, only to experience a catastrophic malfunction. With maximum speeds of over 25 miles per hour in many cases, even a slight malfunction can cause serious injuries or death. 

Of course, cyclists also face many of the same hazards they have been struggling with for decades. In California, cyclists on highways have few protections from passing vehicles. Even if they stay within shoulders, reckless and negligent motorists can cause them to suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

This threat was made clear in May of 2024 when a cyclist was killed by a motorist on I-5 near Stockton. According to the California Highway Patrol, the cyclist and the motorist were traveling in the same direction and in the same lane when the collision occurred at 3 AM. The vehicle rear-ended the cyclist, causing fatal injuries. Although the negligent motorist responsibly pulled over and waited for police to arrive at the scene, authorities say there is evidence of intoxication. That being said, the driver walked free – and police did not arrest him or charge him with any offense. Criminal charges are still possible when the official traffic investigation concludes. 

What Should I Do After a Bicycle Accident in California?

If you were injured in a California bicycle accident, your first priority should be effective and immediate medical care. Without medical treatment, you cannot use your medical records to prove the legitimacy of your injuries. After your condition stabilizes, you can reach out to a Bay Area bicycle accident lawyer for further legal guidance. 

Find an Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

If you are ready to take legal action after a bicycle accident in San Francisco, help is available. You may feel alone during this difficult period, but experienced injury lawyers are just a phone call away. Contact Mary Alexander & Associates to learn more about your legal options, and you may begin to feel more confident about the future. A bicycle accident lawsuit in California can provide you and your family with enough funds to cover medical expenses, missed wages, and even emotional distress. Reach out today to get started on an effective action plan. 

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