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A Slew of Dangerous San Francisco Car Accidents Result in Criminal Charges

A Slew of Dangerous San Francisco Car Accidents Result in Criminal ChargesIf you have driven in San Francisco, you already know that traffic in this city can be quite intense. Sometimes collisions are purely accidental, and no one is truly to blame. After all, accidents happen from time to time, and even self-driving technology cannot fully stop cars from hitting each other occasionally. In other situations, however, negligence is clearly a factor. In extreme cases, criminal charges may be brought against those responsible for causing accidents. Normally, drivers need to be guilty of extreme negligence and recklessness in order to face charges for causing accidents. These charges become even more likely when the accidents result in deaths or serious injuries.

But what can you do if you have been injured by a reckless driver in San Francisco? The answer is simple: get in touch with a personal injury attorney in San Francisco at your earliest convenience. It is always a good idea to be proactive in this situation. If you wait too long, the statute of limitations in California can prevent you from filing a lawsuit, which means that you will be unable to pursue compensation for your damages. These damages might include pain and suffering, medical expenses, missed wages, and any other type of loss you suffered due to the accident.

Police Try to Track Down Driver After San Francisco Hit-and-Run

On January 30th of 2022, San Francisco police announced that they were trying to track down a hit-and-run suspect after a fatal accident in Outer Sunset. Authorities reached out for help in finding a driver who managed to escape the scene of a crash that caused considerable damages. A Honda SUV was struck, and the two occupants suffered injuries. One individual was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, where they managed to recover from their injuries. The other occupant of the vehicle was also transported to a nearby hospital, but they unfortunately did not recover and eventually passed away.

The negligent driver was operating a black Audi SUV and was described as a white male, approximately 45 years of age. Police also added that the Audi SUV was reported stolen about two weeks prior. Unfortunately, hit-and-run suspects can be difficult to track down, especially if there is no surveillance footage from nearby businesses. This can be a major issue for injured victims who want to seek justice and compensation. If they cannot track down the negligent driver, they cannot sue. This is due to California’s “tort state” laws, which mean that you must establish that someone else is to blame for your accident before you can recover compensation.

It was later determined that the Toyota vehicle was actually an Uber vehicle, and that the occupant who passed away was getting a ride. This individual was a 38-year-old man with close ties to the local community, and many of his friends and family mourned his passing.

Driver Arrested After Fatal Accident in Concord

On February 26th of 2022, a driver was arrested after causing an accident that claimed the life of a 16-year-old. The incident took place in the area of Concord, not far from San Francisco. Police reported that the victim was riding his bike when he was struck by a vehicle, pinning him against a utility pole. The boy passed away quickly and was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident itself apparently involved multiple vehicles, including a work truck. One of these drivers was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, although an investigation is ongoing. Police announced that they still wanted to find more eyewitnesses to figure out exactly what caused the accident.

Tragic Limo Fire Kills Five People on San Mateo Bridge

In a much earlier incident, a limo fire on the San Mateo bridge killed five people all the way back in 2013. The victims were celebrating a bridal shower together in the stretch limousine when flames burst from the rear of the car. The driver managed to pull over and exit the vehicle along with four of the women. The remaining five women were trapped inside and could not escape. They reportedly had trouble opening the rear doors, and so they attempted to squeeze through the limo driver’s small window at the rear of the forward section. Unfortunately, flames engulfed the entire area before they were successful. The victims were all within their 30s and 40s. The surviving four women also suffered smoke inhalation injuries.

A medical examiner later described it as one of the most horrific things he had ever seen, stating that the bodies were found piled on top of each other in a desperate struggle to escape. The California Highway Patrol immediately announced that they were investigating the cause of the fire, and it is not clear why flames suddenly burst out of the back of the vehicle. They know for certain that it was not caused by a traffic collision, as no other vehicles actually impacted the limo. The limo company and driver were also discovered to be completely legitimate, with no signs of incompetence or invalid permits.

All of the victims were nurses, and they established a close-knit relationship while working together at various hospitals. One thing is certain: a limo does not simply catch fire of its own accord. If the surviving family members of these victims did manage to dig a little deeper into this situation, they might have found evidence of negligence, possibly with the car manufacturer. Some cars do have a tendency to catch fire, in rare situations.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

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