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Driverless Vehicle Causes Cyclist Injuries in San Francisco Amidst Protests

Driverless Vehicle Causes Cyclist Injuries in San Francisco Amidst ProtestsEven since Cruise has retired its entire fleet of autonomous vehicles, self-driving cars continue to cause accidents and injuries in the San Francisco area. One thing is clear: Bay Area residents are not happy about the presence of these vehicles on their streets – and they are making their voices heard. Amidst widespread protests against driverless vehicles, another person has suffered injuries in a Waymo crash – highlighting the very valid concerns people have about robotaxis in San Francisco. If you have suffered injuries due to a crash caused by Waymo, Uber, Lyft, or any other similar company, you might have an opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit. This course of legal action helps hold tech companies accountable for preventable car accidents in San Francisco, and an experienced injury attorney can help you take your first steps toward compensation. 

Cyclist Injured After Waymo Collision in San Francisco

On February 6, 2024, a Waymo driverless vehicle collided with a cyclist in San Francisco. Waymo quickly released a statement explaining the incident, pointing out that the cyclist only suffered “minor scratches.” The company also claims that their vehicle proceeded at a four-way intersection at the correct moment, although a cyclist was hidden from view behind a truck. Waymo says that their vehicle applied the brakes the moment the cyclist came into view – but it was too late to avoid a collision. 

While Waymo is clearly downplaying this incident and the severity of the cyclist’s injuries, others are viewing the accident with skepticism and concern. Aside from Waymo’s report, there is very little information about the cyclist’s injuries. In addition, the incident is apparently drawing attention from state regulators. A full investigation will likely produce more detailed information. 

According to numerous robotics and software experts, cyclists represent a particularly challenging prospect for self-driving vehicles. They may be more difficult to detect due to their small size and high velocity. Software generally focuses on helping vehicles avoid other cars, which are large and obvious, and pedestrians, which are quite slow-moving. Cyclists therefore represent a middle ground that can perplex even the most advanced autonomous vehicles. 

San Francisco Residents Reject Waymo

In the aftermath of this cyclist collision, many San Francisco residents have made their voices heard. Reports of Waymo vehicles being attacked, vandalized, and graffitied are becoming commonplace across the city. It seems that many people are not happy about the continued presence of driverless vehicles on their streets, and the number of accidents in recent months makes these concerns understandable. In addition, residents do not seem to discern between Cruise and Waymo vehicles – and the underlying driverless software is being viewed with considerable distrust. 

Hundreds of Autonomous Vehicles Remain on California Streets

The parent company behind Waymo is Alphabet, which is also the parent company of the tech company Google. Alphabet apparently still operates over 435 autonomous Waymo vehicles throughout California, and many of these cars are undoubtedly zooming around San Francisco as you read this article. Alphabet boasts of transitioning to a completely driverless system when, previously, all of these vehicles had a human “safety driver” on board. During 2023 alone, Waymo vehicles traveled over 1 million miles across California without any human assistance whatsoever. 

Could Driverless Vehicles Make Our Streets Safer?

The jury is still out on whether driverless technology is a net positive for California pedestrians and cyclists. One might argue that it has the potential to reduce accidents caused by human issues like intoxication, distraction, and road rage. However, the software obviously still has a long way to go – especially given the alarming frequency of crashes involving driverless vehicles in San Francisco. Personal injury lawsuits can help keep these tech companies accountable, perhaps encouraging them to make proper software updates and improve safety for all San Francisco residents. 

Find a Qualified Auto Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

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