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Fiery Crashes Are Common in California

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A fiery crash is perhaps worse than any other type of car crash in California. Fire represents an additional hazard that can disfigure, injure, or kill occupants of vehicles even after the initial impacts. In some situations, victims find themselves trapped in the wreckage only to be submerged in flames before escaping. Unfortunately, fiery crashes seem to be quite common in California, with these incidents occurring on a fairly regular basis. But what can you do if you have been injured in a fiery crash?

Five Fatalities Reported in Ventura County After Fiery Crash

 On November 6, 2022, it was reported that five people lost their lives after a fiery crash in Ventura County. It started when a single-occupant vehicle collided with an SUV carrying four people. The accident occurred at 4:30 AM, and it immediately resulted in a fire after the initial impact. All five people were caught in the igniting flames and lost their lives. First responders arrived on the scene to put out the fire, and it quickly became clear that the victims had no time to escape. An initial investigation indicates that one of the vehicles veered into oncoming traffic. The issue with an accident where everyone is deceased, is that it becomes difficult to determine whether anyone was intoxicated at the time of the accident. As a result, investigators are encouraging any witnesses to come forward with information.

Driver Loses Life in Fiery Vista Crash

 On November 4, it was reported that a driver lost his life in a fiery crash near Vista, California. It was a single-vehicle crash. According to an initial investigation, it seems that the driver lost control, veered off the road, and ended up in a riverbed. The car burst into flames moments later, with the driver still inside. It appears that the driver was speeding before he lost control. It is unclear why the driver was unable to exit the vehicle after the crash, although he may have lost consciousness due to the impact of the crash.

Garden Grove Crash Kills One and Injures Two

 On November 11th, it was reported that one individual lost their life after a fiery crash in Garden Grove. Two others were injured. One of the cars involved was manufactured by Tesla – a brand that has developed a questionable reputation for exploding and igniting batteries. When first responders arrived at the scene, the Tesla was already engulfed in flames.

Fortunately, the Tesla driver was pulled out of the burning wreck and was later reported to be in stable yet critical condition. The passenger in the Tesla was not so fortunate and lost their life in the crash. After he recovers, the driver will likely face charges of speeding, driving under the influence, and manslaughter. The other vehicle involved was a Lexus, and the driver of that car suffered critical injuries as well. The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Driver Faces DUI After Causing Fiery Crash That Claimed Two Lives

 On November 2, it was reported that a driver caused a fiery crash in Woodland Hills. The crash claimed two lives, and it is believed that the driver was operating his vehicle while intoxicated. This allegedly drunk driver was apparently speeding when they rear-ended a Ford Mustang, causing both vehicles to immediately burst into flames. The driver suspected of DUI survived the crash, but it was immediately clear to first responders that the two occupants of the Mustang died almost instantly.

Biker Dies in Fiery Angeles Forest Highway Crash

 On November 5, it was reported that a motorcyclist lost his life after a fiery crash near Angeles Forest Highway. The accident occurred around 9 AM, and few other details have been revealed. However, we do know that the motorcycle burst into flames shortly after the impact. The exact cause of the crash is not fully understood.

Semi-Trucks Cause Fiery Crash in Sacramento County

 On October 20, it was reported that multiple semi-trucks collided in Sacramento County, causing a considerable fire that shut down Interstate 5 for hours. The exact cause of the crash was never revealed, but at least three different semi-trucks were involved. About 30 gallons of fuel were spilled, potentially adding fuel to the flames and impacting local wildlife. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Tesla Fire Kills One Individual in Bakersfield

 On October 21st, it was reported that a Tesla driver lost his life after a fire in Bakersfield. The accident was the result of the driver losing control while traveling at a high rate of speed. This caused the Tesla to impact a block wall, ejecting the driver from the vehicle. The car then ignited. It was reported that the driver was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Firefighters rushed to the scene to extinguish the burning Tesla, which showed no signs of slowing down after the impact.

Disfigurement After a Fiery Crash

 After a fiery crash, you may be able to receive additional compensation for any disfigurement caused by burns. This is considered non-economic damages, as courts recognize that disfiguring burns can affect your psychological well-being. Of course, this is only one example of damages you may claim after a car crash; other examples include PTSD, depression, medical expenses, missed wages, and pain and suffering. That said, a disfiguring injury often results in a much higher settlement amount compared to a less severe injury that does not result in any visible scarring or burns.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Personal Injury Attorney in California?

 If you have been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in California, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs in the Golden State – and we know how serious fiery crashes can be. With our help, you can strive for fair level of compensation for your injuries. With a settlement, you can pay for medical expenses, missed wages, and much more. Book your consultation today to get started.

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