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Good Therapy Publishes Mary Alexander Article

In every case, sexual abuse is despicable, but clergy abuse is a particular level of heinous. What makes clergy abuse so damaging, and why is the abuse of the position of power that clergy holds so difficult to recover from? Mary Alexander wrote an article for Good Therapy that digs into these issues.

Mary Alexander is one of the leading plaintiff attorneys in the country with a focus on clergy abuse cases, and over the span of her career she has seen firsthand while representing her clients, the unimaginable toll clergy abuse takes on victims.

So often, victims of clergy abuse went through it at horrifyingly young ages, and the trauma of the abuse is only compounded by the betrayal of it coming at the hand of someone who should be a trusted spiritual guide to children and adults alike. So many other factors play into the devastating nature of clergy abuse upon victims, which Alexander delves into further in the article. Read more at the link below.

Good Therapy

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