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Hawaii Has Seen a Number of Worrying Sex Abuse Scandals Over the Past Year


Hawaii has seen a worrying number of sex scandals over the last 12 months. Those who experienced sexual abuse often stay silent, so the number of reported incidents usually only represents the tip of the iceberg. It’s common that people only hear about sexual abuse lawsuits in Hawaii when they involve celebrities. Other stories only make headlines because of their particularly heinous nature. Although the State has publicized numerous sex abuse incidents, many others likely remain “under the radar.” Not all sexual abuse incidents in Hawaii make headlines, and many cases are settled by defendants behind closed doors without ever going to court.

Psychologist Pleads Guilty to Lesser Charges After Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old

Hawaii Has Seen a Number of Worrying Sex Abuse Scandals Over the Past YearMany sexual abuse survivors rely heavily on mental health treatment. But what happens if the psychologists in Hawaii also sexually abuse their patients? Honolulu is reeling after a psychologist admitted to sexually abusing his 14-year-old patient – pleading guilty to lesser crimes in April of 2024. This individual was previously facing up to 20 years in prison, but his plea deal will likely push this sentence down considerably.

After initially seeing the male patient through his non-profit in Kona, the psychologist managed to convince the parents to let the teen live with him. He told parents that this was the best way for the child to receive the necessary treatment. It was at this point that the child was repeatedly sexually abused. Hawaii News Now reports that the psychologist’s non-profit was specifically geared toward children with chronic and terminal illnesses.

Legal professionals are raising questions about the plea deal, arguing that the prosecutors exhibited an odd sense of leniency toward the defendant. With his sentencing fast approaching, the parole board could theoretically allow the defendant to avoid any incarceration whatsoever. There is no word on whether the parents have sued the psychologist and the non-profit for sexual abuse.

This comes about a year after 10 women accused an Oahu pediatrician of sexual abuse and sued him in civil court. The doctor reportedly committed the abuse under the guise of weight loss treatment. After their initial visit, the women were fraudulently diagnosed with ADD and prescribed medication – ensuring monthly visits from that point on. He then performed unnecessary and abusive breast examinations on these women, using fear of breast cancer to intimidate them into compliance. This particular doctor had previously been hailed as one of Honolulu’s top doctors – illustrating how pervasive sexual abuse has become in Hawaii’s medical world.

Star Quarterback Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit in Hawaii

At the beginning of 2024, a well-known football quarterback in Hawaii agreed to settle a sexual assault lawsuit stemming from his high school days in Honolulu. The quarterback went on to play at the University of Arizona, but his college career took a blow after these allegations came to light. The player was accused of sexual assaulting a fellow student alongside a teammate in a parking garage stairwell on school premises. The assault reportedly occurred at Saint Louis School in Honolulu.

Mediation lasted for months, and the settlement amount is confidential. Both players had previously admitted to carrying out the assault in a Hawaii juvenile court. The first settlement offered by these two defendants was rejected by a judge because it was far too low. The judge also pointed out that both players had gone on to earn considerable incomes as professional athletes, and they had the capacity to hand over much more to their victim. This prompted a new set of negotiations, and the second settlement offer was higher.

Hawaii to Install New Security Cameras After Sex Abuse Scandal in Women’s Prisons

New security cameras may help prevent future sexual abuse in Hawaii’s prisons. In April of 2024, the state announced a number of new security measures as a response to widespread allegations of sexual abuse at the Women’s Community Correctional Center (WCCC) in Honolulu. About one year prior to this announcement, the state paid $2 million to six women who had been sexually assaulted by corrections officers at this facility.

A subsequent investigation found that only two out of five security cameras at the WCCC were functional. With an ample supply of “blind spots,” correctional staff knew exactly where they could abuse women without being recorded. The state plans to spend $3 million on new security cameras, although there is no guarantee that this will stop future sexual abuse at women’s prisons.

Plaintiff Receives $40 Million in Hawaii Jehovah’s Witness Abuse Lawsuit

In the summer of 2023, a plaintiff was awarded $40 million after suing the Jehovah’s Witness in Hawaii’s civil courts. The individual had been sexually abused by the elder of a Makaha congregation when she was 12 years old. According to the court documents, this elder had abused numerous minors throughout a 23-year-old period at the church. Four young girls were sexually abused, including a member of the elder’s family.

Although the crimes occurred between 1988 and 2011, victims had to wait decades before experiencing any justice. The abuser was never charged with a crime, and the victims were forced to go through civil courts to pursue a sense of justice and closure. Observers later commented that if the elder had been arrested, he would have been imprisoned on federal charges – potentially spending the rest of his life behind bars. At the end of the trial, the plaintiff was awarded $15 million in compensatory damages and a further $25 million in punitive damages.

Work With an Experienced Sexual Abuse Attorney in Hawaii

If you have experienced sexual abuse in Hawaii, consider taking legal action. As numerous cases in Hawaii illustrate, a sexual abuse lawsuit can help cover your economic and non-economic damages. Some plaintiffs walk away with considerable sums, and going to court may not even be necessary. To explore these options in more detail, work alongside an experienced, qualified sexual abuse attorney in Hawaii. Choose Mary Alexander & Associates, a law firm that fights for the best interests of sexual abuse plaintiffs. Book your consultation today to begin the discussion.

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