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Hit-and Runs are Becoming All Too Common in the Bay Area

Fatal hit-and-runs in the Bay Area rob families of their loved ones – and their ability to pursue justice. For many families, their inability to put a face to the crime makes these fatal accidents more difficult to process. A hit-and-run leaves families with unanswered questions, unpaid medical bills, and a total lack of closure. Unfortunately, hit-and-runs have become very common in the Bay Area – and many families wonder how they can pursue justice after experiencing these tragic accidents firsthand. For many, the route toward compensation may seem as unclear as the person who committed the crime. However, there is always hope for injured victims in California – and a San Francisco auto accident lawyer can offer meaningful assistance. 

Two Young Teens Die After Antioch Hit and Run

Hit-and Runs are Becoming All Too Common in the Bay Area

On December 23, it was reported that a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old lost their lives after a hit-and-run crash in Antioch. A witness claims to have seen a black SUV speeding along the road before hearing a crash. After rushing toward the wreckage, the witness says he saw a father screaming for help. His sons were apparently unresponsive and stuck inside a vehicle that had been struck by the SUV.

Police say that after the crash, the SUV driver ran away on foot. Both boys were eventually transported to the nearest hospital, where they were pronounced dead. As of this writing, police are apparently still searching for the suspect. However, police are not exactly sure who is to blame for the collision – and there is some suggestion that the car transporting the children failed to stop at a stop sign. 

 Two Vehicles Hit and Kill Senior Pedestrian in San Carlos

On December 24, it was reported that a 69-year-old pedestrian was struck and killed by two separate vehicles in San Carlos. Police say that while one of these drivers remained at the scene of the crash and cooperated with police, the second driver left the scene after impacting the victim. The driver who remained at the scene tested negative for drugs and alcohol, and police later tracked down the second driver after he parked in Redwood City. The runaway driver was subsequently arrested for felony hit and run. 

While the death of a pedestrian is never good news, this story at least provides some hope for families of deceased hit-and-run victims. In this case, one of the drivers did the responsible thing and stopped at the scene of the accident. Although the second driver fled the crash, he was later located by police and brought to justice. This will potentially make it easier for the family of the deceased victim to pursue justice – and compensation – from both drivers. 

Police Still Looking for Hit-and-Run Driver Who Injured Child in Halloween Crash

On December 21, police admitted that they were still searching for a hit-and-run driver who injured a 7-month-old child on Halloween night in Berkeley. As the family struggles to find closure, they have decided to channel their energy toward improving their community. They brought some safety issues to the attention of local lawmakers, and now the street seems set to receive important improvements in the near future.  

The Berkeley City Council has approved a $900,000 safety improvement plan in the wake of the fatal accident, and it will include flat-topped speed bumps, new crosswalks, stop signs, and possible bike lanes. Of these funds, $100,000 will go toward improving the street where the child was struck on Halloween. The seven-month-old child is apparently still recovering in hospital with a shattered pelvis and a broken femur – although he is reportedly happy that his street will become safer in the future. 

Fatal Hit and Runs Continue in San Francisco Area

December has been a dreadful month for hit and runs in San Francisco, with many serious injuries and fatalities being reported over the holiday season. On December 6, a pedestrian lost their life after being struck by a vehicle in San Francisco. Police pronounced the victim dead after arriving at the scene. Authorities were unable to determine where the guilty driver had fled to. To make matters worse, the authorities had very few leads to go on, and they apparently lacked a clear description of the suspect’s vehicle. In the end, all they could do was ask the public for any information that might lead to an arrest. 

On December 27, another pedestrian was struck and critically injured by a hit-and-run driver in San Francisco. The police reported that they arrived to find a man lying in the middle of the roadway. Although no car remained at the scene, it was clear that a pedestrian collision had occurred. Again, police apparently struggled to find the person responsible – with no real description of the suspect released to the public. Once more, police urged anyone with relevant information to come forward. 

On December 22, a cyclist in Oakley was hit and fatally wounded by a hit-and-run driver. First responders arrived in time to offer medical aid to the victim, but he died at the scene shortly after they began treatment. An investigation determined that the victim was cycling home from work when he was struck and killed. Police eventually found and arrested a suspect in connection with the crash. 

Find a Qualified Hit-and-Run Lawyer in San Francisco

If you have been searching for an experienced hit-and-run lawyer in San Francisco, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. With our assistance, you can pursue positive results – even if you cannot determine who caused your accident. Whether you are waiting for the police to finish their investigation, or the criminal driver seems to have escaped without a trace, you always have potential legal options to pursue compensation. To discuss these options in more detail, consider booking a consultation with us today. Our experienced auto accident lawyers have handled hit-and-run cases in the past, and we know how to approach these situations in the most appropriate manner.

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