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Mail Carriers and Delivery Workers Have Surprisingly Dangerous Jobs in California

Mail Carriers and Delivery Workers Have Surprisingly Dangerous Jobs in California

 At first, it might seem like mail carriers and delivery workers have fairly average, run-of-the-mill jobs. But when you take a closer look at some of the latest headlines, it quickly becomes clear that these employees are injured on a fairly regular basis. It is no secret that California has struggled with public safety issues in recent years, and mail carriers have experienced this shift perhaps more than most. From mail theft to animal attacks and even full-on assaults by other human beings, the life of a mail carrier is not always easy. But what can you do if you were injured on the job as a mail carrier?

North California Postal Worker Gets into Epic Duel with Turkey

 Although this might seem like a joke, the reality is that postal workers in a Northern Californian town have been waging an all-out war with “very large turkeys” for months now. On November 16th, it was reported that one postal worker succeeded in beating one of these vicious turkeys to death. The Sacramento suburb of Arden-Arcade had been receiving complaints about a “gang of turkeys” for months before this incident, and it seemed as though the birds were specifically targeting postal workers.

One of these workers suffered a serious hand injury. It was also reported that the birds were seemingly unphased by gunshots in their direction, and they had a tendency to jump on top of postal workers. This culminated in a postal worker killing one of the biggest turkeys the community had ever seen.

Postal Workers Suffer Numerous Attacks in Santa Monica

 Back in April of 2022, it was reported that at least three postal workers were assaulted while trying to deliver mail in Santa Monica. Although deliveries were halted temporarily, the workers were eventually ordered to return to the dangerous area despite the obvious threat. Even though it is a federal crime to assault a postal worker, criminals in Santa Monica seem to completely dismiss any concept of law and order, assaulting mail carriers and leaving one worker with an injury to his arm.

The USPS is no stranger to these kinds of incidents, and in 2020 alone, there were 7,000 violent crimes committed against police workers, including homicides. However, the vast majority of these incidents were dog-related. In 2021, the Chief Postal Inspector stated that four postal employees had lost their lives due to shooting incidents during the month of October alone.

The Chief Inspector gave postal workers the following advice that month:

“Although protecting the mail and valuable postal assets is every employee’s concern, you are your most important delivery,” Barksdale said at the time. “You may know your route inside and out, but don’t ever take your safety for granted. If you feel you’re in danger, focus first and foremost on your own personal safety.”

Animal Attacks are Common

 Although it is a trope we often see in Hollywood, dogs really do represent a major threat to mail carriers. On August 23, 2022, it was reported that a mail carrier was killed by a group of dogs in Florida. The mail carrier’s vehicle broke down, prompting her to park outside of a home known for housing some “combative dogs.” She screamed for help on the ground while the pack of dogs attacked her. While neighbors were quick to arrive on the scene, they were not quick enough. The mail carrier was transported to a nearby hospital with serious blood loss, after which she went into cardiac arrest and died.

In October of 2022, it was reported that an Amazon driver was found dead in Missouri after a likely animal attack. Neighbors became concerned when they saw that an Amazon van had been parked in front of a residence for several hours. When the police arrived, they investigated and quickly found a man’s body alongside two dogs in the yard. The police immediately killed both of the dogs, as they were behaving in an aggressive manner – and it was clear that the carrier had been killed by them.

Can I Sue After Being Injured as a Mail Carrier?

Mail carriers certainly have the potential to sue a range of negligent parties after suffering injuries on the job. Their family members may also sue on their behalf if the mail carrier is killed on the job. Dog bite lawsuits are common, and the owner can indeed be held liable for the injuries caused by their animals. If the dog is not properly secured or is clearly behaving in an overly aggressive manner with no supervision, victims can sue for damages.

Mail carriers can also sue property owners for unsafe walkways, pathways, and driveways. For example, a mail carrier might have the option to sue a property owner if they slip and fall on an icy driveway or pathway that has not been properly cleared or salted. They may also sue for other fall-related injuries caused by uneven paths, cracks, broken stairs, or perhaps the lack of proper lighting.

Finally, mail carriers can file workers’ compensation claims to receive funds from the US Government. This can compensate for economic damages like missed wages and medical expenses – but not non-economic damages like emotional distress or PTSD.

Where Can I Find a Qualified, Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in California?

 If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in California, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have helped injured victims across the Golden State. We know how important it is for workers to explore all their options, whether that’s a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent property owner, a dog bite lawsuit against an irresponsible owner, or a workers’ comp claim. If you are dealing with serious medical expenses and significant missed wages, there is no reason you should be paying those sums out of your own pocket. Book your consultation today, and you can explore your legal options and strive for justice.

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