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Mary Alexander Announces $32.7 Million Settlement in First Portion of Ghost Ship Litigation


July 16, 2020 – Oakland, CA – Mary Alexander has announced that 3 ½ years after the Ghost Ship fires occurred, costing the lives of 36 people and injuring several others, the first portion of the case has settled for $32.7 million for dozens of families and one of the injured parties.

Thirty-two (32) families, along with a survivor who suffered brain damage and burns, have agreed to a $32.7 million settlement with the City of Oakland.

The City had 100’s of contacts with the Ghost Ship over more than two years, by police and firemen who knew that people lived there, but turned a blind eye. The City knew that unpermitted musical events were held there. A policeman who responded to a complaint, wrote in his report that it was an “illegal cabaret”, but the report was ignored. The City knew that it was a fire hazard, loaded with wood objects, furniture and carpets, with no fire protection systems. Though a block from a fire station, it was not on the list of buildings to be inspected by the fire department. The City failed to protect the public who came to the musical event that night and those who lived there.

The case continues against the City with a trial in February, 2021 for people who lived in the Ghost Ship and fled for their lives that night through flames and choking black smoke, lost their home, and are traumatized for life.

“While no amount of money can bring these people back to their families, we are grateful that we are able to bring them some sense of justice,” said Mary Alexander, lead attorney in the case. “This was the deadliest concert fire in the history of Oakland and one of the deadliest mass-casualty events in Oakland in 40 years.”

On December 2, 2016 around 11:20 PM, a fire broke out in the Ghost Ship warehouse that included illegal living spaces and a concert venue. When the fire broke out, a concert was being held in the space and was attended by 80-100 people, 36 of whom were killed.

Mary Alexander & Associates filed a wrongful death lawsuit in December of 2016, just days before Christmas. The civil litigation listed several causes of action against the defendants, including negligence, premises liability, public nuisance and much more.

The civil case is In Re Ghost Ship Fire Litigation, Alameda Superior Court, Case No. RG16843631 (And Related Cases). To read the complaint, please click here.

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