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Mary Alexander, Bobby Thompson Obtain $3.45 Million Settlement in Sex Abuse Case

Sacramento, CA – Mary Alexander, of Mary Alexander & Associates, and Bobby Thompson, of TLO Law obtained a $3.45 million settlement on behalf of a minor who was sexually molested and abused by a school employee in Elk Grove near Sacramento, CA.

According to the complaint, a school employee committed multiple acts of sexual molestation and abuse against a minor. The employee performed teacher’s-aide duties and managed/directed traffic during pickup time.  He was alone with the boy in the school bathroom when the molestation and abuse occurred.

A teacher actually walked in on the employee committing these acts but did not report it to school officials or the police. After the young boy told his parents what happened, they reported it to the police and school officials. It was discovered that the employee was previously fired from a job at a former preschool, just months before. But the school did not call his references. The employee also told a fellow employee that he had been fired for tickling children.

Defense counsel denied the abuse happened to the very end of the case, which ultimately settled for $3.45 million.

“This boy should have been protected and while we’re grateful we were able to fight on his behalf, survivors of childhood sex abuse carry the mental scars with them for the rest of their lives,” said attorney Mary Alexander. “This settlement allows his family to get him the therapy he needs to process the trauma.”

“After years of hearing denials, we were finally able to bring some closure to this family,” said attorney Bobby Thompson who specializes in sex abuse cases. “It’s unbelievable that the school put the child and his parents through this awful process, and hopefully this will be a sign for other schools to handle allegations of sexual abuse and molestation properly.”

About Mary Alexander & Associates

Child sexual abuse causes lifelong scars both physically and emotionally. Mary Alexander & Associates has a long, successful track record of representing the survivors of childhood sexual abuse. She has a compassionate commitment to help them and hold institutions accountable for allowing the abuse to occur. She fights to return the loss of power that survivors feel which demands justice. She has 40 years of experience in sexual assault cases and the battle to protect children.

About TLO Law

Bobby Thompson solely represents individuals harmed by the irresponsible and careless conduct of others. Bobby’s mission is to hold responsible corporations, institutions and insurance companies that place profits over the safety of others. His philosophy is to do everything in his power to obtain justice. Above all, Bobby leaves nothing to chance in developing the facts to prove the wrongdoer’s liability, and in assembling the evidence to prove every component of his client’s damages.

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