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Mary Alexander Interviewed by KRON Regarding Ghost Ship Warehouse

With the Ghost Ship fire case settled and defendant Derrick Almena sentenced, a question has been raised by many involved in the case – what will become of the property? Mary Alexander spoke to KRON regarding what happens next.

Mary Alexander, lead attorney on the case, reached a settlement in July 2020 with the city of Oakland for $32.7 million for the families of the deceased and one survivor. The Ghost Ship warehouse fire, which killed 36 and as such was one of the deadliest structure fires in United States history, began due to the gross negligence of property managers & Oakland police alike, who failed to ensure that the property was up to safety standards, as well as to ensure it was not being overpacked or illegally dwelled in.

And so the question now is what to do with the property to ensure that it does not continue to be a gathering spot for illegal concerts & artists colonies, or a dangerous haven for squatters. Many believe that the best course of action is to tear it down, not only to mitigate future injuries or deaths, but to provide a sense of closure for the families of those who died.

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