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Mary Alexander is Featured in “All Rise” the Newsletter by Best Lawyers Discussing the New Federal Sex Abuse Law

Mary E. Alexander, Principal of Mary E. Alexander and Associates, weighs in on the potential effects of the Eliminating Limits to Justice for Sex Abuse Victims Act S. 3103. The new law states that, as of September 16, any child who is a victim of alleged sexual abuse will not face a time limit to come forward with a new civil claim in federal court. In the past minors who survived such abuse couldn’t file federal claims until they reached the age of 28 or until a decade after an injury or violation was discovered.

 Mary E. Alexander states in the newsletter that she does not expect more cases to be filed in federal court under the new law, since they are more difficult to pursue and require a unanimous jury verdict. Mary also feels that the law could be improved. 

“There should be no statute of limitations for sexual perpetrators or for any institutions protecting or enabling them. Further, there should be no federal statute of limitations in criminal cases. An abuser kills the victim’s childhood and, like murder, there should be no criminal statute of limitations,” said Mary. She essentially believes that the law could be strethenged by being retroactive.  

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