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Mary Alexander Represents Massage Abuse Survivors Amidst Facility Negligence & Failure to Fire Abusers

Mary Alexander, founding principal at Mary Alexander & Associates, represents massage abuse survivors in a string of negligent massage spa complaints and their failure to fire abusers once notified.

Mary has represented numerous survivors in cases of massage abuse and understands the courage it takes for these survivors come forward in search of justice. The allegations against the massage spas include negligence in hiring and background checks to eliminate employees previously accused or convicted of sexual abuse, improper conduct, or harassment.

Large national massage companies such as Massage Envy have been frequently accused of failing to properly handle reports of abuse by their therapists. Those victimized already face immeasurable pain and anguish because of the abuse and are now also forced to face the idea of the facility completely disregarding their statements.

Nationally known massage spas are also accused of hiring past offenders or abusers as massage therapists, putting their customers in harm’s way.

“It never fails to astonish me that despite defendants being notified of their wrongdoings and continued abuse towards their patrons, they do not attempt to make the situation right,” said Mary Alexander. “It’s unfortunate that these massage locations would prefer to continually harm innocent people rather than confront their mistakes and faults head on.”

Establishments within the massage industry such as Massage Envy have alleged that they have the “most stringent, rigorous policies” for the hiring, screening, and training of therapists. But there is evidence that company policies on reporting improper conduct do more to protect the company brand than to ensure customer complaints are handled appropriately.

About Mary Alexander & Associates

Mary Alexander has assisted many clients throughout the years that have experienced sexual abuse or misconduct at massage facilities. She and her attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates help victims take legal action if they were mistreated and help bring forward massage abuse lawsuits to hold responsible parties accountable.  If you believe that you were touched inappropriately, your feelings and opinions matter. It is time to speak out. Reach out today to get started.

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