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Massage Parlors Across the Nation are Fraught with Serious Legal Issues

It seems that with each passing week, some kind of unlawful act occurs at a massage parlor in California. It might be sexual assault committed by an employee. It could be a massage parlor owner forcing their employees to carry out unspeakable acts for cash. It might even involve some of the biggest celebrities in the nation, who use their influence to pressure vulnerable massage therapists into uncomfortable, traumatic situations. It might even be a systemic issue that allegedly corrupts an entire organization such as Massage Envy. Whatever it might be, one thing is certain: This behavior needs to stop. Victims can take action, and they can hold those who commit these unlawful acts accountable.

California Women Face Charges for Trafficking Their Massage Parlor Employees

Massage Parlors Across the Nation are Fraught with Serious Legal IssuesWhile there are many customers who face abuse at massage parlors, employees may also face serious abuse. In some cases, they are even subjected to full-on human trafficking. In September of 2023, it was reported that two women had been charged with pimping and pandering by procuring prostitution. Both are felonies. These two individuals owned a massage parlor in Thousand Oaks, and they both pleaded not guilty. It goes without saying that American workers should be protected from such serious abuses.

Hollywood Celebrities Sued for Allegedly Abusing Massage Therapists

Massage therapists may also suffer abuse from high-profile, influential celebrities who pressure them into performing sex acts. Also in September of 2023, it was reported that one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood had been sued for allegedly abusing a massage therapist. His accuser says that he was pressured into performing sexual favors in exchange for cash. The therapist claims that he was left with a number of mental health issues due to the experiences.

In related news, it was reported that an NFL player for the Cleveland Browns had allegedly subjected a massage therapist to sexual harassment and abuse. His accuser states that she was pressured into sex acts in exchange for money. She also states that she was trying to run a small business and that she was charging a fee of $115 per hour, making it easy for the much more affluent athlete to pressure her into performing the acts. Numerous other women have come forward with similar accusations against this specific player.

Denver Women Suffer Serious Sexual Abuse at Massage Parlor

Also in September of 2023, it was reported that numerous women reported sexual assault by a massage therapist in Denver. The massages took place at a Massage Heights location, and the assault was captured on camera on at least one occasion. One victim had to wait months for progress as police carried out a full investigation into the matter, but she finally achieved justice when surveillance footage from inside the massage room was located. It was later revealed that Massage Heights knew of this employee’s history of sexually assaulting women, and yet they still booked him with new clients. The abuse continued, and it clearly could have been prevented.

When Can I Sue a Massage Parlor?

You can sue a massage parlor whether you are acting as an employee or a customer. If you have been sexually assaulted, you can take legal action. This might also involve filing criminal charges against those responsible, as was the case with the prostitution scandal. In many other situations, the process goes through civil courts. This means that while criminal charges are not possible, plaintiffs can receive financial compensation for what they have been forced to endure.

For example, you may have the ability to sue a massage parlor in San Francisco if you can show that the company was aware of a particular employee’s history of sexual assault. You may also have the ability to sue if you can show that the company failed to conduct proper background checks as part of the hiring process. Speak with an attorney to learn more about your legal options.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Massage Abuse Lawyer in San Francisco?

If you are searching for a qualified massage abuse lawyer in San Francisco who can help you pursue justice, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have helped numerous people who have suffered unwelcome harm at massage parlors. We know just how traumatic these incidents can be. Although a lawsuit cannot take back what happened, it may be able to provide a modicum of closure and justice. In addition, a lawsuit has the potential to provide financial compensation, allowing you to cover damages such as mental health counseling. Reach out today to assess your legal options.

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