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Metro Purple Line Construction Grinds to a Halt After Slew of Worker Injuries

Metro Purple Line Construction Grinds to a Halt After Slew of Worker Injuries

 Los Angeles and other major cities in California are constantly expanding, and hardworking individuals are fueling this growth. Unfortunately, they also put themselves in considerable levels of danger so that we can enjoy new roads, new train lines, and new buildings to accommodate our growing population. Too often, these workers are injured while simply trying to provide for themselves and their families. Recently, construction on the Metro Purple Line has been forced to stop due to a string of worrying injuries. This highlights just how frequent workplace injuries have become in California – particularly when it comes to major infrastructure projects. But how did so many injuries occur in this particular project, and what can workers in California do if they were injured on the job?

Excessive Injuries Forces Metro Purple Line Construction to Stop

 On October 25, it was reported that construction on the Metro Purple Line in Los Angeles had been halted due to a string of worrying worker injuries. According to state regulators, “dozens” of people have been injured on this project since July 2021. When you take into account that these injuries have been occurring since 2018, the situation becomes highly worrying.

How much is Los Angeles willing to pay for this new metro line? How many injuries justifies a more convenient commute for the average Los Angeles citizen? This is something that most people do not think about, and the average Los Angeles worker probably is not even aware of how many workers have been injured on this project so far. This goes to show that infrastructure projects are not just about spending money and creating jobs – they also have a cost in injuries and even fatalities.

There have been many types of injuries so far, including:

  • Falling off ladders
  • Slipping and falling on muddy surfaces
  • Being hit by falling objects and slurry
  • Hose-related injuries
  • Crushed fingers

To its credit, Metro was the one that called for its contractor – Tutor Perini O&G – to stop all work until safety concerns had been addressed. Metro released the following statement:

“Metro has ordered its contractor to temporarily suspend all field work on the Purple Line Extension Section 2 Project due to the unacceptable rate of serious worker injuries. Safety is and will always be our first priority. The safety of those building our county’s transportation projects must always be protected. We expect the contractor to improve its safety policies and to demonstrate its full compliance with all of Metro’s contract safety requirements before we allow work to continue.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that there have been 32 injuries since July of 2021; 13 of those injuries required serious medical treatment. In total, 43 injuries have occurred since the project began – and the vast majority of  injuries have occurred within the past year or so. What is causing this sudden influx of injuries? What has suddenly made this construction so dangerous? Tutor Perini O&G has not provided any answers, despite this being the first time a Metro project has been shut down since 2016.

It may be due to the fact that the project is behind schedule. Perhaps the contractor is cutting corners in an effort to meet deadlines. After all, the train line is supposed to be finished by 2027. If the project falls behind schedule, it will not be completed in time for the 2027 Olympics, which are scheduled to take place in Southlands. This is purely speculation, as no explanation for the increase in injuries has been provided.

However, Metro has listed several concerns, including:

  • Poor ventilation
  • Standing water
  • Unstable ramps
  • Improper use of equipment
  • Missing safety nets

Earlier this year, a construction worker lost their life when they were struck by a service vehicle.

Other Construction Accidents in California

 On October 22, it was reported that a car crash in a construction zone had caused two injuries and one fatality. The accident occurred when a passenger vehicle drove through traffic pylons, entered a construction zone, and collided with a forklift. Despite the fact that there was a worker inside the forklift at the time of the accident, he was completely unharmed. No other construction workers were injured in the crash. However, the occupants of the passenger vehicle suffered injuries that required hospitalization. The driver survived, while one passenger died.

Authorities are looking into the incident and believe that the driver may have been speeding when he entered the construction zone. Crashes in construction zones are common, and they can injure both motorists and construction workers. Depending on the situation, either construction workers or motorists may be liable for injuries. After a crash in a construction zone, it makes sense to get in touch with a personal injury attorney to assess your options.

Where Can I Find a Workers’ Comp Attorney in California?

 Filing a claim in California is supposed to be easy, but numerous employees find out that it is anything but simple. Filing a proper claim can be challenging, and a simple mistake could lead to time-consuming issues. It is best to file your claim with the guidance of an attorney in California. These individuals can make sure your claim is filed in a proper manner, minimizing costly mistakes and increasing the chances of your claim being accepted with no further issues.

But even if you do manage to file a claim on your own without any problems, you will need an attorney if your claim is denied. If you have been injured on the job in California, reach out to Mary Alexander & Associates P.C. We have years of experience helping employees with their  claims in California, and we can guide you toward a positive outcome. Book your consultation today to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

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