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Municipal Vehicles Cause Mayhem in San Francisco Area

Municipal Vehicles Cause Mayhem in San Francisco Area

San Francisco relies on numerous municipal vehicles to carry out important functions, such as transporting trash, towing away cars, and responding to emergencies. Unfortunately, these vehicles and their drivers often end up creating more issues than they solve. To make matters even worse, municipal vehicles are often heavy and cumbersome, which makes crashes even more dangerous for innocent motorists, pedestrians, and others. A recent string of crashes involving municipal vehicles highlights their dangerous nature.

If you have been injured by a municipal or government vehicle in San Francisco, you might be wondering how to pursue compensation. The good news is that government agencies can be held accountable just like any other negligent party. However, there are a number of complex issues that you will need to consider as you approach legal action, and it makes sense to get in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney to navigate these potential roadblocks effectively. Contact Mary Alexander & Associates today to move forward with confidence and efficiency.

Disaster After Municipal Truck Hijacked

On May 23, 2023, it was reported that a municipal truck had been carjacked and that the perpetrator had led police on a deadly car chase. The city worker driving the truck was thrown out of the vehicle, and the criminal continued driving before careening into a bus stop. Unfortunately, a number of pedestrians were waiting at the bus stop, and they suffered serious injuries as a result of the collision.

The crash was so intense that the truck continued through the bus stop and into a storefront. Pedestrians were thrown past the bus stop and into the storefront as a result of the impact. Four victims suffered injuries, and one individual later succumbed to their wounds while receiving treatment. The crash remains under investigation.

It is not clear how these injured victims will receive compensation for their injuries. Since the driver was a criminal with no license or insurance, suing this individual directly won’t provide a settlement. California is an “at-fault” state when it comes to car accidents, meaning victims must prove someone else’s negligence in order to receive compensation. The only possible option seems to be suing the city, perhaps arguing that the government agency in possession of the truck should have done more to prevent the carjacking. This would be somewhat similar to a negligent security lawsuit.

Garbage Truck Overturns Near San Francisco

On June 7, it was reported that a garbage truck overturned near San Francisco on I-680. This accident could have been much worse, and it perfectly illustrates a very serious hazard associated with garbage trucks. The loads are often unbalanced due to the nature of garbage, and it is impossible to load these trucks in an organized manner. This leads to many trucks flipping over, often causing serious injuries to innocent motorists.

Tow Truck Driver Purposely Causes Accidents to Cash in on Insurance Claims

Not far from San Francisco, a tow truck driver recently faced serious legal consequences for purposely causing accidents in an elaborate insurance fraud scheme. The driver was employed by AAA at the time, a non-profit organization that serves millions of motorists throughout the United States. This individual devised a scheme where he would purposely cause accidents and file insurance claims. Authorities estimate that he received about $35,000 for 22 intentional collisions between 2017 and 2022.

The Department of Insurance Sales reported that “[The defendant] would hide in the blind spots of other drivers and as those drivers attempted to change lanes, Canales would accelerate and sometimes turn into the other vehicles.”

The defendant even went on to post dashcam footage of the crashes he caused, labeling his victims as “bad drivers” on his YouTube channel. It goes without saying that these intentional crashes were incredibly dangerous, and it is a miracle no one was seriously injured. This shows how tow trucks can be incredibly dangerous to average motorists in San Francisco in surprising ways.

Where Can I Find a Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco?

If you have been searching for a qualified personal injury attorney in San Francisco, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs, including those who have been harmed by semi-trucks, tow trucks, dump trucks, and other heavy vehicles. We know that truck accidents can cause serious injuries, and we are ready to fight for your rights effectively. Book your consultation today to pursue a settlement amount that reflects the true extent of your injuries.

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