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New Sexual Abuse Cases Shock California Residents

New Sexual Abuse Cases Shock California Residents

Sexual abuse is one of the worst things anyone can experience. These incidents may not leave scars or broken bones, but they cause severe psychological trauma that can stay with innocent victims for their entire lives. Many victims remain silent, but some are brave enough to come forward and hold their abusers accountable. Sometimes, it takes decades to conjure up the strength to stand up and be heard. But when victims do this, they shed light on a dark aspect of our society many of us would rather not confront. This can bring abusers to justice and make our society safer for everyone – particularly children. A recent string of new sexual abuse cases in California shows how serious this situation has become. But what can you do if you have been sexually abused in the past?

Thacher School Faces Felony Charge of Sexual Abuse

 On November 3, 2022, it was reported that the prestigious, exclusive Thacher School in Ventura County was facing potential felony charges for alleged sexual abuse that occurred within its halls. At the center of this controversy is an allegation of false imprisonment by violence, which apparently involved a student being unlawfully restrained while assaulted.

The exact details of the case are confidential because minors are involved. However, we do know that the allegations were self-reported by the alleged victim back in late August 2022. The suspect is a former student at the school, which indicates that no staff members were directly involved in the assault. However, the school is likely facing charges and potential lawsuits because it allowed this incident to occur. The plaintiff will probably allege that there was insufficient supervision at the school.

The school is currently being investigated for about 100 other incidents, some of which involve sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and rape. Many of these incidents occurred many years ago, and students who have long since graduated are still reeling from the effects. One police representative stated:

“Several cases involve immoral and unethical behavior on the part of former staff members, but these instances do not rise to the level of criminal conduct.”

 Six cases are currently open, while 21 further cases are scheduled to be opened and investigated in the near future. The authorities are encouraging anyone who experienced any kind of misconduct while attending the school to come forward and share information that may be valuable in these investigations.

California Water Polo Coach Convicted for Sexually Assaulting Players

 On November 17, it was reported that a water polo coach in Southern California had been convicted of sexually assaulting teenage girls during water polo training sessions. The incidents took place at the International Water Polo Club in Los Alamitos, California, and at Kennedy High School in La Palma.

In total, the coach was charged with 22 separate felony counts, including sexual battery and lewd acts on a child. The incidents spanned from 2012 to 2017, and they involved 10 victims in total. These victims stated that the sexual assault occurred underwater and out of view – often when parents watched poolside.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer stated:

“The wounds these young girls suffered at the hands of this monster may not be visible, but they are very, very real, and they are scars that they will carry with them forever.”

A group of the victims eventually filed a lawsuit against the International Water Polo Club and USA Water Polo, alleging that these organizations failed to protect them from harm and abuse. They eventually received a settlement of $14 million.

New Allegations Against Pastor Dave Arnold

 Allegations against Sacramento pastor Dave Arnold continue to mount, with new victims coming forward on an almost daily basis. The victims say that this individual subjected them to several abusive situations, including restraining them, forcing them to undress, and gagging them. The incidents took place at Capital Christian School, an institution that is now being accused of failing to protect its own students.

Arnold apparently groomed these children, giving them gifts and paying them to grade papers at his home. During these off-campus meetings, the pastor and teacher abused the boys. One of the victims apparently jumped out of the window of his apartment to escape the abuse. When confronted with these reports, the school did nothing, with former head pastor Glen Cole apparently stating:

“Nobody is going to bring down my school. Not Arnold, not those boys, not anyone.”

 A new report suggests that Dave Arnold abused at least nine victims. Many others have probably decided to keep quiet and do their best to move on with their lives. The school is still operational, with the new head pastor stating that these kinds of situations would never occur under his leadership. That being said, the incidents did occur, and it is facing serious lawsuits as a result. This is just one example – one individual school – that has been involved with this kind of sexual harassment. There are many others throughout California and countless more throughout the entire nation. It goes without saying that we can expect numerous additional lawsuits over the next few years as victims continue to come forward.

Where Can I Find a Sexual Abuse Attorney in California?

 If you have been searching for an attorney to help you file a lawsuit against your abuser or anyone who allowed this incident to occur, reach out to Mary Alexander & Associates. With our assistance, you can move forward in a dignified, confident, and efficient manner with your lawsuit. Book your consultation today, and we can carefully and respectfully listen to your story before recommending the best course of legal action. Multi-million-dollar settlements are not uncommon when it comes to sexual abuse lawsuits. While no amount of money can change the past, a settlement and a favorable legal outcome can provide you with a sense of justice and closure. This may make it easier to move on with your life. Book your consultation today to get started.

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