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Rebecca Grossman Faces Multiple Charges and Lawsuits After Street Racing Crash

Rebecca Grossman Faces Multiple Charges and Lawsuits After Street Racing CrashThe legal issues of Rebecca Grossman continue as the socialite faces multiple criminal charges and lawsuits stemming from her street racing accident in 2020. The crash left two young brothers dead. One was age 9 at the time of his death, while the other was 11. Their family is fighting to see justice served as Grossman faces lawsuits and potentially many years behind bars. Unfortunately for the surviving family members, the trial has experienced many notable delays, and the most recent development has forced Rebecca to seek out a new lawyer after her previous attorney fell ill. Meanwhile, the parents of the deceased victims are becoming increasingly frustrated at the slow pace of the legal system and Grossman’s repeated delays.

If you have lost a family member in a Los Angeles car crash, you can sue the at-fault party directly. This is called a “wrongful death lawsuit,” and negligent motorists can face both criminal charges and lawsuits of this nature. A wrongful death lawsuit allows you to recover a considerable settlement for the loss of your loved one. Although this money cannot bring your loved one back, it can provide you with a sense of justice and closure. This is especially true if the negligent driver is able to escape criminal charges.

The Streetracing Incident Explained

Rebecca Grossman is facing two counts of murder, two counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, and one count of hit-and-run driving resulting in death. She was also recently charged with driving under the influence. The street racing incident took place on September 29th of 2020 in Westlake Village. That evening, the Iskander family was walking across a three-way intersection with no stoplight. When the parents heard a speeding car approaching, they reached out to grab their four children. Unfortunately, they only had time to pull two of their children to safety, and their two young boys were hit by a white Mercedes.

The driver of that Mercedes was Rebecca Grossman. She was reportedly traveling at 70 miles per hour at the time of the initial impact – a full 25 miles above the speed limit. There is also evidence that she was street racing with a friend at the time, the 52-year old former professional baseball player Craig Erickson. The pair were apparently on their way to a lavish house party in the Los Angeles area.

After the initial impact, one boy ended up on the hood of Grossman’s car. He was carried more than 100 feet before she slammed on the brakes, sending the boy flying forward onto the ground. Rebecca then allegedly proceeded to drive over the injured child in an attempt to escape the scene of the crash. Her vehicle was later found in a severely mangled state more than a quarter-mile away from the initial accident. One boy survived long enough to make it to a nearby hospital before succumbing to his injuries, while the second died at the scene.

When you examine the details of this street racing incident, it does not seem likely that Rebecca Grossman will escape criminal consequences. First of all, street racing is illegal in California. Secondly, Rebecca clearly committed a hit and run after she struck these boys. Not only did she fail to stop, but she actually ran over one of the children in her attempt to flee the scene. This is probably why she is facing murder charges in addition to manslaughter charges. Rebecca faces up to 34 years to life in state prison if convicted. In October of 2021, Grossman was released on a $2-million bail.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In addition to criminal charges, Rebecca faces a civil suit filed by the family members. The family insist that Grossman “kept driving” despite being aware that there was a young, injured child on the roof of her car. The family also claims that the only reason she eventually stopped her vehicle was that it broke down, and that she would have kept trying to escape had this not occurred. Finally, they allege that she was drinking heavily prior to the crash. They are also suing the municipality of Westlake Village for creating a “pedestrian trap” with their allegedly substandard, three-way pedestrian crossing.

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

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